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Firmware file question

Can the current firmware file be saved using the "read device" and "export hex" functions in the bootloader WITHOUT having to load a new one???
The HM GB I bought is running a CNTRL:R script that constantly runs a color pattern that spells out "LIVID" , which I originally found annoying but has grown on me. It responds to all midi controls that I map, but the lights are only momentarily out on whatever button I push, then patterns return. Quite cool to look at, quite hard to use in a live setting. I believe its called OHM MODES for LIVE, but runs non stop wih no programs loaded. Does anyone know anything about this script ??
Thontroller body also has Van Halen stipes. pretty sweet.


  • You would need a pict programmer to dump the firmware from that controller, I think....and no idea how to do it. I did it once a long time ago when I repaired my original Ohm64, but it's been, like, 8 years or something and I had someone from Livid to guide me through it at the time.

    Might be easier in the long run to try to make something like that with MaxMSP or something.....


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