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possible user mode bug

Hi Amounra! Hope you're well.

Just noticed a weird bug in the live script for Cntrlr.

Enter user mode by pressing the top right button
Select one of the bottom 8 knob/buttons
Enter MIDI mode in Ableton and assign
Exit midi mode

Works fine.

Enter Ableton midi map mode again. Assign something, or don't. Doesn't matter.
Exit mid map mode, but still be in user mode
The left four faders and knobs will start to control channel 1-4 even when the fader banking/dial banking stuff set to true, until you press the correct bottom 8 of the channel buttons AGAIN, which resets it and makes everything work fine.

So, there's a workaround, but I think also it's a bug because I don't remember having to do this in the past.

Thanks again. I love this box!


  • He there! Sorry for the late reply, I've been out for the holidays. I haven't looked at the cntrlr for a while, but I am interested in keeping the script going. I'll be doing some overhauls for another script in Live 11 over the next month, and when I dig into that I'll try to have a look at this issue and see if I can confirm your observations. I suspect I know what's going on, it's a problem I've seen before but not always so easy to remedy due to the complexity of the script and how long ago I wrote it. Feel free to bug me if you don't hear from me, it will probably be around the middle of January when I start this process, as I'll be on vacation for a few weeks. Thanks for chiming in, happy new year!


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