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CRNTRL R Newbie questions

Hi everyone, I'm Nicola, an Italian musician.

Sorry for the quality of my questions but I'm brand new to the Livid world and I'm trying to figure out if my idea makes sense: have been looking for a versatile controller with several knobs and I fell in love, ideally, with the CNTRL R.

Looking around I saw that the livid support is practically absent and I am a bit afraid to buy a used one (I found one at a very good price).

I would use it with ableton but I never use script or automap, I do all my mappings with midi learn. I just need to figure out if I can simply connect it via usb and map the various knobs and buttons as I like or if I need complex scripts or configurations to use it as a simple midi controller.

I also saw that the configuration software is no longer downloadable from the livid site: does anyone have it for osx?

Last question: how can I determine the midi channel (or channels) in which the cntrl r will communicate?

Thank you so much for your availability!


  • Hi Nicola, welcome. Sorry you joined the livid world so late in the game. As I understand it, the company is unfortunately defunct. The company seemed to have had some operational difficulties, and then one of the founders who was still running the place (Jay Smith) came down with ALS (Lou Gherig's disease). Sad story for some absolutely wonderful hardware and (what used to be) top tier service.

    Jay himself once fixed an Ohm64 that I bought new in box from some off-the-map dealer a good year or two after they stopped selling them. I remember how surprised they were that there was still an unopened one floating around!! If I recall it had some solder come loose or something.

    There is a copy of the editor available here on github that you can download and run offline:

    As for information on the CNTRLR, you can access some of the old wiki documentation via the WaybackMachine

    Aumhaa has been doing a wonderful job at keeping scripts available for recent versions of Ableton!

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