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ISO: Livid DS1 FS/TRADE: elements, Brain Jr. OMNI Boards, Faders, Encoders, Buttons, LED

No clue if this is the right section for this, or if there is one.

I have a collection of a LOT of Livid stuff. I bought several Livid builder kits from MCM Electronics right before they were purchased, and ended up getting much more than I'll ever use. I have:

2 OMNI Boards
2 Brain JR Boards
16 Rubber Buttons
12 Livid Faders
12 Endless Encoders
12 Rotary Encoders
?? RGB LED (a lot)
Compatible Touch faders

and a single row Livid elements with four units in a eurorack style case powered by a Livid Brain.

I'd be happy to post pictures and probably remember some more odds and ends if anybody is interested in any of this.

What am I after? Ultimately? A DS1. I bought one when they came out and resold it almost immediately and have regretted it since. Do I require some kind of trade? No. That would be nice to figure out, but no. I am fine buying a DS1. I am also ready to get rid of some of this surplus Livid stuff.

Hit me up and maybe we can make a deal? Looking forward to getting these parts out to people who can use them more than myself at the moment. Since I am on my second CNTRL:R, the first being drowned in beer by a patron of a club I was playing in, you can see how I would want to have some extra parts lying around. Turns out all the faders and knobs in the world couldn't save my first CNTRL:R from a full pint of ale. So, here I sit with tons of parts I can't use.

And I really want a DS1.....

Lets talk

Pete (Spaker)


  • Someone here was looking for some replacement encoders not long ago....too busy to find the post right now, but I know it's here....

  • Just saw that. Offered to help if it the cleaning didn't take. Within reason. They don't have a DS1, otherwise, they could have all my stuff.

    Nobody, huh?

    And you know there's like at least ten of them in closets not touched in years right now. Grrrr..

  • I find it so ironic (and tragic) that the DS1 has become the most sought after control surface Livid made (and novation seems to have picked up on the vibe). I didn't think it would do well at all when they announced it. I'm sure how many were made, but I think you're right....there have to be some out there....

  • @Spaker do you still have that livid elements single skiff?!? what modules are included?

  • @spaker ALSO following comments on eurorack skiff Livid stuff. I have 4 Livid controllers, and thwe Electrix Tweaker and absolutely love everything. Went \eurorack over a year ago and invested 7G's in synths instead of buy\ing a car. Would love to see photos (at least) of the Livid Eurorack setup. THANKS

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