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Back in the old days, we had to put all this stuff where it went on our own.

If you would like to remove files from old installations or manually install the Installation Package, here is some help to keep you in line.


All of the m4l patches that accompany the static build of Monomodular (i.e. the frozen version) should be placed in Live's Presets Library under MIDI Effects/. It is easiest to do this from the desktop: Take the folder labeled Monomodular_bxxx and drag it on top of the Max MIDI Effect folder in Live's browser, then drop it there. All the patches inside it should be copied into your library.

If you are using Live 8, the last stable version of mods are in the b994 folder. However, most of the early material in b995 will also work with Live8, but I ceased development for Live8 during this version so I haven't been checking compatibility.

If you are using Live9, you will want to use the mods in the b995 folder.

For the adventurous, the b996 folder has newly created mods for the upcoming release. To date, however, these mods only work with AumPush and Livid Base scripts.

The default paths for Live's Library are:

MacOS = ~/Library/Preferences/Live 8.x.x/Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect

<= Windows XP =\Documents and Settings\USER\Documents\Ableton\Library\Presets\MIDI Effects\Max MIDI Effect

Windows 7+ = \users\username\documents\ableton\Library\Presets\MIDI Effects\Max MIDI Effect

Python Scripts

All of the control surface scripts should be placed inside the "MIDI Remote Scripts" folder.

This folder resides inside the bundle on OSX (ctrl-click the Live app, then select 'Show Package Contents' in order to navigate to the right place. Once inside, the path is: /Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/).

On Windows, this process is a little simpler. The default file paths for the Remote Scripts folder are detailed on the Installation page.

Make sure NOT to move the entire 'Python Scripts' folder from the Installation Package. You must move only the folders inside it to the new location, or they will not be recognized correctly by Live when you restart it.

You will only need the contents of one of these folders, depending on whether you are using Live8 or Live9. Make sure only to copy the contents of the correct folder for your version of Live to the MIDI Remote Scripts folder.

MacOS: = ~/Applications/Live 8.x.x/\MIDI Remote Scripts

Windows: Live Folder =\Program Files\Ableton\Live 8.2.2\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts


There are a couple of files required by Boinng, Plinko, and Aumboids that must be place inside the Cycling '74 folder. The default location for the Max installation is detailed on the Installation page. Once in that location, you will need to navigate to /Cycling '74/java/classes/, and there place the files from the Java folder from the Monomodular Installation Package.

MacOS = ~/Applications/Max 5/java/classes

Windows = \Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.x\java\classes


These are support files needed by the patches. Depending on how you received the package (direct download or SVN), it's contents will be different.

When downloading via SVN, this folder will contain additional resources for opening the unfrozen patch versions that are included in Live's library installation.

These files can be placed anywhere as long as you add the location to your search path in Max's file preferences. However, its easiest to just place them inside the "patches" folder in your Max installation, since it is already part of the search path.

It's also VERY important that only one copy of this folder be present in your search path, otherwise you may have conflicting versions present when you update Monomodular with future patches/releases.

If are getting errors in Max's status window, or there is no "wood block" display on the top right of your patches, these files aren't in the right place. There are graphics files inside the aumhaa_blocks folder that I'm unable to compile with the patches, and this behavior indicates that Max can't find them in their current location. Make sure they are inside Max's search path.

MacOS = ~/Applications/Max 5/patches

Windows = \Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.x\patches


This folder contains several files useful to those using an iPad with TouchOSC or Lemur. If you don't have one, then you won't need them. Otherwise, you'll need to put them on your iOS device in order to use the AumPad or Aum256 Python scripts.