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If you're having problems getting things to work with Monomodular, here are some typical blunders that can cause things to not work as expected.

Installation Problems

The installer says it ran into a bunch of errors.

This usually happens with the Win7 installer, and is due to permissions issues. I'm working on a fix, but in the meantime, the best thing to do is visit the [Manual Installation|Manual Installation] page and just copy the files to their proper locations on your system.

Pressing the SVN button doesn't do anything

If your using Windows, you will need to install SlikSVN in order to use the Subversion functionality, as no subversion support is included natively with Windows operating systems.

Script Problems

None of the Monomodular Control Surface Scripts show up in my MIDI Preferences

Did you restart Live? Restart Live.

My controller works with Live, but won't enter modMode

You probably have neglected to assign the Monomodular script to one of the Control Surface slots in Live's MIDI Preferences. It must be present in addition to the control surface that you're using.

Monomodular is installed in a control surface slot, but mods still won't connect

First, check to see if you have assigned compatible versions of Monomodular scripts in Live's MIDI Preferences. The version tags of all the scripts should be the same (e.g. r111312).

Make sure that you are using one of the frozen files from your m4l directory, and not the development version in the Frozen subfolder of the Monomodular installation (these will only be present if you installed Monomodular from the SVN source).

Uhmm....still no dice

Next, have a look at your Max status window to see if there are errors. That will give us an idea of what's going wrong. I'm easy to reach, drop me an email with a screenpic of your Max status window and a copy of your log.txt file from Live's preferences.

mod Problems

Certain mods (Plinko, Boiingg, and AumBoids) require Java externals that should have been installed in the /Cycling '74/java/classes folder of your Max directory (the installer should have done this for you). Make sure they are there. If you're using a Windows OS, you may need to install a JavaRuntime in order to get these to work (it's not installed by default). You will also need to perform this step on newer versions of MacOS (10.8). You can get JavaRuntime from here: [Runtime Download]

Sometimes, placing the aumhaa_blocks folder in the Max patches directory doesn't work. I've had this occur on several machines, usually after upgrading max or cloning a drive on the machine out of necessity. You'll know this is the case if the "Number Block" design is missing from the top left of the mod. To remedy this, it may be necessary to open the Max editor in Live and manually select the aumhaa_blocks folder from Max's Options>File Preferences menu.