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Ambient Soup

These entries represent an ongoing experiment in sound creation without any definite intention or organized composition.  They are completely improvisational, without any preparation beyond the organization of audio effects and generative MIDI devices to be at the fingertips of the musicians.  No prerecorded content is present in them, all loops are generated on the spot.

These interludes are my testing ground (and often inspiration) for Monomodular.

I have about three years of recorded performances I’d like to share here, but I’d like to start with this performance that happened on December 19, 2011.  This version is completely unedited, so please excuse the noise and goofing off.

We get a little long-winded sometimes, so its usually best to try to listen when you have a little bit of time to hang out and dream along with us.  Most of the good stuff is hidden nicely within the folds of the chaos.

The images below are some of the genius of Kevin Cheli-Colando, my partner in crime for these journeys.

Enjoy 😉



Orbit 1 110912

Orbit 2 110912

Orbit 3 110912

Orbit 4 110912

Orbit 5 110912


These are the first recordings made with the new b994 version of Monomodular.  Kinda thick, actually.  It was very keeping with my general travails  with this version that immediately upon finishing setup for both of us, and as we were getting up from the couch to proceed after a wink and a nod,  someone must’ve taken out a power transformer in my neighborhood, as the entire area went blackout for about 10 minutes.  I spent the rest of the night scrambling to get things working properly.  Surely my fault for having so many non-bus-powered devices on the USB chain and not just restarting my computer after the power came back on.  Live and learn.


Orbit 062312



Orbit 1 060912

Orbit 2 060912

Some stuff from the summer, circa b993.



Orbit 1 121911

Orbit 2 121911

Orbit 3 121911


This was the first material I released on this page, back when I first started putting this stuff in one place.



Orbit 1 112711

Orbit 2 112711

Orbit 3 112711


Here’s some more recordings from right before the last ones.  Basically the same as before, perhaps a little less enlightened and a little more spiritual.


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  2. I love the busy, thick, non-sequitur nature of these recordings. I am thankful for the time that you have put into the scripts and patches on this site.
    Keep going! You are pushing a boundary!

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