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This is the new blog page, and I’ve got some other things cooking in cyber-land as well.  For now, please forgive the mess and poke around if you want.  I’ll be adding things as I get time.

Over to the right, you can see two current projects:

The Wiki will be the home for all of the for Monomodular documentation, which I’ll link to in the individual Mods.  It will make it much easier to document things for me in the long run, and will allow for end-user input as well if any users have helpful links or input.

Ambient Soup (perhaps I should call it Stzoo…) is where I’m going to put recordings I’ve made over the course of working on Monomodular.  Don’t expect much…its nothing but experimentation gone awry.  Still, there’s some crazy stuff in there.

Both of the new installers are all but finished.  I’m waiting for some feedback on the final versions and then I can get back to making stuff that makes noise, for a change.

Love and pulsing rays of multicolored light to all of you for the new year….


p.s. oh and thanks for stopping by 🙂


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