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Everybody’s Talking

Uhhhh….its four in the morning, actually….no one is talking (well, except my cat, and she really shouldn’t be, so either someone slipped me something when I wasn’t looking or I really should get some sleep).

I’ve managed to get a working prototype of the new monomods appliance.  Unlimited hosts, unlimited clients.  Configure it once, and it stays that way.  Use two or three controllers to control one patch, or use one or more controllers to control 24 patches.  Whatever.  Or build it yourself.  As long as the number of sends being used doesn’t bottleneck everything, this schema should work out extremely well. 

Now that I’ve managed to finish this, I can stop thinking about it for a while and go have some fun.  Most of the hard work is done, now I just need to incorporate it into monomods and change a few things in the host patches.  The client patches shouldn’t need any update at all 🙂

Cheers, if your watching.  I’ll have a bunch of new stuff out toward the end of next week if all goes well (including some music, for a change).

~ by amounra on August 5, 2010.


4 Responses to “Everybody’s Talking”

  1. hey, i'm pleased to hear that. i have somthing in petto. my monomod_monomidi is waiting for useable menubuttons. it has grown so much yet. i'm so excited because now i'm actually realizing what i was talking about – lift up a monome patch 7 levels because of extra buttons. aside from the fact that i optimize, bugfix and add new features.

    i have a question about bpatchers: i had to edit some but instead of doing it i made the bpatch a part of the mainpatch with copy and paste. is that generally a good idea?
    because the main patch is growing that way.
    does that affect the performance of a device?

    same question about encapsulation, is it better to encapsulate as much as possible for performance or is it only usefull to organize the patch? (i de-encapsulated much during infiltrating the patch)

    have some fun on your san francisco trip!

  2. i wrote bpatcher but i meant subpatches which come freezed with the device.

  3. just found out there's a modify read-only option to make a subpatch editable. sorry my newb questions.

  4. Sounds like you got things sorted….let me know if you need any more help:)

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