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Let’s get on with it!

TouchOSC 3.6 is out. I am trying my best to contain myself. It’s lovely how things coincide:)

Multicolor iPad Monomod goodness to follow shortly…

~ by amounra on August 9, 2010.


3 Responses to “Let’s get on with it!”

  1. hey some more work for you , i hope you can accommodate this amount of things and still be able to enjoy the summer. on my side i will finally be able to make some big steps because my wife and child will not be at home for 5 days from wendnesday. (no other commitments)
    i decided to implant the scale master system which is a nice thing but makes me muddle through the whole patch again.
    and i'm having more and more ideas while patching.
    highest priority for me at the moment is to bring monomidi to a releaseable state.

  2. sorry…for whatever reason my comments haven't been posting (I've made two!).

    I'm excited to see your work:) I nearly have functional client/host patches with the iPad now, so the Launchpad isn't far off at all. I should have it for you late tonight.


  3. check your mail, oLsen 🙂

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