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Incremental pattr

I just realized that some of you may be using patches that don’t work because I’ve implemented an updated version of pattr. 

Make sure that if you are using Monomod and any of its client’s (or any of my other patches) that you update the pattr external from the following page:


Hopefully this will be resolved in upcoming versions of MaxMSP.

On other fronts, I’m pretty far along on the next version of Monomod beta, which provides many new features:

Full multicolor support for the iPad, utilizing the new version of TouchOSC.  There is a much better feedback system for the grid, and a monome256 screen.  I am in the process of rewriting the framework to make things snappier when adding/removing tracks in Live, as well as overall stability.

The system is now more modular.  There will be a separate plugin for controlling swing.

There is now an automatic system for detecting hosts/plugins, so you can use multiple hosts of mixed types with unlimited plugins per project.  Each host will autodetect all clients present when a new host or client is instantiated in the Live set. Once you have configured the host with the order of its respective clients, the settings are stored across save-state for your Live set.

I am working at compiling all the control surface scripts into a single version, which will support all three interfaces (iPad, Launchpad, APC40) in a single plugin.  I am also going to add monome support when I have a chance (I don’t have a monome, which makes this difficult…anyone have one they want to loan me? lol).

Cheers šŸ™‚

~ by amounra on August 13, 2010.


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