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I spent most of the day yesterday nursing my hangover (which was fairly undeserved….I must be getting old or something) by writing a new process to handle the way the MaxLooper worked.  Things didn’t go as planned exactly, but the result is a patch that finally does just about what I want it to.  I’ve pushed the changes to two new frozen files in svn, and you can install with the new installer if you want to check it out.


In addition, I’ll be trying to add instructions on how to use the Looper and its counterpart, LoopMaster, in the wiki tonight, along with finishing up the Windows version of the installer and posting links for it.  If you’re on Windows, I’m afraid the Looper/LoopMaster won’t work for you, since its packaged with OSX C externals.  I’ll look into whether it can be made to work with Windows eventually, but for now I’m more concerned with getting everything perfectly stable.


If you are trying this stuff out and getting crashes, make sure to set up latency compensation for you machine on the Looper.  That’s the bit in the top right corner, it has to be manually set.  My machines differ depending on what hardware is hooked up to them, but I find myself using values up around 200 for 512 latency….also, it will depend whether you have Latency Compensation disabled in Live or not.  I find better results with this stuff often when I have it disabled.


And also, of course, replacing all the files that the server lost this morning….I think just about everything is back where it goes at this point, but its hard for anyone to tell but me since it was only half fleshed out to begin with.




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