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New Installers

Both the new installers are now available for public consumption….I just hope that you consume them and not the other way around.

Windows version is ugly and needs some work for Windows 7, but basic functionality is there.  I highly recommend paying attention to the hints and instructions in the terminal or resorting to the wiki if you get lost.  Its not going to do anything bad….its just not going to do what you want it to (like installing Monomodular).

I’m sure this will get updated soon, but everything seems stable.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. I can’t fix them if you don’t.

I’ll make packages when I get a chance to recompile the current build and finish ‘LCD’.  I also have to add wiki tags to all of the patches.

Oh, and I’ve  added some more soup to the pot…..

~ by amounra on January 3, 2012.


7 Responses to “New Installers”

  1. Hello my friend,
    thx for all your great work!
    I used the nu installer win 7 with a launchpad and it seems there is a problem in assigning the numbers to the modules. They all show 1 and can’t be changed and on the lp they play all at progplace 1 at the same time 🙂
    Hope its not a big thing…


  2. Hmmm, that’s a strange one. Drop me some mail and I’ll get you sorted out….it sounds like something simple, but I’ll need more info.


  3. I just checked by reinstalling on my system after observing the same behavior on my setup when demoing to a friend a minute ago….it was because I had an older version of the Monomodular script inserted by accident. I’m guessing this might be the case in your situation, did you have an older version of Monomodular installed by chance?

  4. Hello,
    thx for quick response. All works fine now after deleting of the old script. But slik svn costs me some time and nerves. Firefox doesn’t show the page right and the only buttons that work are the hoster buttons. So after reading the page a few times I became a freehoster there :-). On google chrome the site is o.k. and I could dl both win versions. Trying then to install the 64bit version stops at 70% (tried 2x) and I had to end the task by hand and reboot. 32bit install works then but when I try to write in the path in monomodular installer it says its wrong. Then I reactivated all my deleted r7 files and it works. Don’t you have the r7 files somewhere else online (I forgot)and/or can you give me a hint with this slv folder.


  5. Glad that fixed the initial problem.

    Thanks for the feedback on the installer…as I said, I haven’t had many Win7 users so the feedback is useful. Bummer about the sliksvn stuff…I’ll note what you said on the wiki later, and maybe I can provide a direct link to the downloads themselves.

    The only way to download the current version is via svn currently, I’m working on a new build of everything, but it will be a bit before its ready as I’m busy with some commissioned work at the moment.

    I’m not sure why the ‘autoselect’ process didn’t work for you – it should automatically know where the svn download is since you have to tell it where to put it. There might be something else wrong. In any case, the folder it is looking for is the one that actually contains all the other folders in it (Monomodular, Monomodular_b992, Java, Python Scripts, and aumhaa_blocks).

    Drop me some mail if that doesn’t work and I’ll send you a link to the current build that I’m using.


  6. brand new win7 user of monomodular here – without Markus’s videos I would still have not setup things correctly. However the installation itself was pretty straightforward other than I had to kind of try a couple times for it to finally recognize I had already gotten the files via SVN

  7. Glad it worked for you on win7 at least.

    I found the bug w/recognizing the SVN download was finished last night, and have fixed it in a new version to be released today. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    And thanks again to Markus for those videos!

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