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Newer Installers

I’ve updated the installers for both platforms to include a version tag at the end of all the folder makes.  I’ve also thinned out older versions of the Mods from the patches folder, making things a little easier to navigate.  I also added some flags to the OSX installer that should allow the installer to overwrite previous versions of the same installation version. In addition, there were some invisible files from SVN that were getting written in your MIDI Remote Scripts folder;  that won’t happen anymore.

To use the new installer, re-download it from the original link on the right, and replace the old one with it.  Run it as you did the last one, it will add new folders to your directories.  You will have to delete the old ones manually if you want.

The new behavior will not tag the end of the install with the date on the first line of readme.  Every time I push any major changes to SVN, I’ll update that tag in the readme, and this should allow the installer to put the correct tag at the end of your new files.  This will give you access to older installations, and make it unnecessary to include the older files with each revision.  I’ll try to get better about changelog details in the readme for now on.

In addition, I’ve added a few things to the Windows installer.  It should now properly report when SVN has finished downloading, and it might (but probably not) autodetect paths from you log.txt on Win7.  I really need some testers for this, since I don’t have a Win7 install.

I have alternate versions of the installer with debug turned on that are available if your interested in testing things, or if things aren’t working on your system, just send me an email and I’ll forward them to you seperately.

Next on the agenda is adding all of the wiki links to the current Mods, and finishing up the wiki (an ongoing process).  In addition, I’ve found some shortcuts and enhancements while doing some commissioned work for someone  that will make  all of the Python Scripts more efficient and faster overall.

I’ve had some interest in combining the ClyphX script with the Monomodular Python host (to save space, since we only have 6 Python slots), and I’ve been poking around with this over the last couple of days in my spare time.  I’d like to add some Mod specific commands to the ClyphX stuff for my own uses….any interest?

Finally, I’m still working on the unified LCD patch (anyone using the Lemur AumPad script will have noticed it connected to the little circular button on the left side of the first page), and it will probably be the last patch I write before a unified release of  b993.  Oh, and a new MonoLink as promised, if I can manage it.

Version b993 will also include the unfrozen components  of all the Mod files in the aumhaa_blocks directory.

Some of you are probably still waiting on a bundle version of this stuff instead of having to dl it through SVN….I’m still working on getting this stuff up.  Honestly, it is intentional to a degree….I needed to get feedback on the SVN process in the installer, and I knew if I made it too easy no one would try it.  Thank you all very much for the feedback and assistance in this process, as I really feel it is a more useful way of distribution in the longrun, and will hopefully open some avenues for end-user contributions to be included with my own content if and when they are made.

Keep an eye on the wiki, I’ll be adding to it this weekend.


edit::010812  I’ve updated the Monomodular_Installer_Win file to deal with Win7 behaviour now that I’ve got some debug from users on that platform.  I think auto-detection of paths may be fixed now, but I’d love to hear a success story…thanks to Markus and Micha for the help on this 🙂

edit::011012  I finally have a working installation of Win7, and had a chance to try out the installer.  Things didn’t go so well for me, so I wouldn’t use it for Win7 until I have a chance to definitely fix some things, but that should be soon now that I have the means.  Anyway, it won’t hurt anything, it may just not put some files in the right place.  I’ll report back later when I’ve had more time to check it out.




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11 Responses to “Newer Installers”

  1. Hi. Where i download your script for livid ohm64. Thanks very much.

  2. It is included with the installation package, and there is currently not a direct link to it. If you don’t have m4l, you can download it from SVN directly, or wait until I post the next revision (I’ll add direct links to the Python stuff). That will be in the next day or so hopefully, I’m still testing out the most recent optimizations.


  3. ‘m practicing with monomodular. I love it. know where I can download the plug ins b992 version? I also like to talk to you about a problem I have and maybe you can help me.

    I have a block and i use whit monome at a time (block with monomodular and Monome with MLR) work without problem. but sometimes the block stops. and I have to refresh the control surface. have any suggestions?

    thank you very much for creating these programs.

    • Glad things are working well for you 🙂

      The plugins aren’t currently available for individual download, but you can use the installer to download them via SVN (or you can just visit the SVN repo and download everything directly).

      I’m putting together b993 right now, it should be available in a couple of days. I will post a link to the new plugins when they are finished (as well as the rest of the content).

      Regarding your Block dropping out, I’ll need more information. If you could send me Ableton’s Log.txt file, I might be able to sort it for you, and surely this would help other users as well.

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi I use your mon-ohm template, I have not gotten into the max 4 live part but I was wondering if you ever had any problems with the faders jittering in the template? I have been using the template since it was released pretty much and I play a lot of shows, sometimes the first fader will move up and down on its own most of the time it works fine but it happens sometimes, I was just wondering if you may know what could cause that ? sometimes I can press shift and it will be ok and other times i have to unplug my controller, I use an ohm rgb. also I would like to say thank you for your hard work its the best template I have ever found and it suits my needs in a template perfectly. big ups.

    • My guess is that you might not have the dip switches on the back of your Ohm turned the right way. I’ve seen (and experienced, as I use a custom built expansion controller with my RGB, and its often disconnected for this or that reason) this sort of thing happen when the expansion dips are turned on but nothing is connected. I’ve also seen this when having the wrong kind of footpedal connected to one of the quarter inch jacks.

      I’ve never seen any other weirdness like this….you might want to check the MIDI stream coming from the Ohm with something like MIDI Monitor to see what is going on there.

      Thanks for the kudos, its very gratifying to know that other people are getting something out of my work! Let me know if that doesn’t fix it, we might have to go a little further into it….


  5. it seems to be running smoothly with midi monitor, goes all the way from 1-127 and seems fine, unfortunately for me it only causes problems when I’m about to play live lol, so it seems anyways.. so as far as the dip switches on the back are you referring to the little tiny switches in the back by the quarter inch jack? goes from 1-8? they are in the upright position at the moment, should I switch them to down? again thanks for your help I really appreciate you lending some knowledge my way. thanks -Matt

  6. They should be in the down position, I think that’s probably the issue. Let me know if that doesn’t fix it. Cheers 🙂


  7. thanks a lot for the advice that seemed to fix my problems, I was wondering also, I just got a new laptop and in the process of switching stuff over I seemed to have misplaced that monohm rgb remote script. Is there somewhere I can just download that script? I tried downloading the monohmodular osx installer but it was way different . Im trying to use the script without max for live although I am about to start diving into that very soon. thanks in advance. -Matt

    • Awesome, glad that worked out!

      Drop me an email, I’ll send you the new one. Since you’re not using the m4l stuff, it won’t matter that the frameworks are slightly different.

      You can also just download any portion of the entire package from the subversion, to which there is a link on the right side of this page.


  8. Hi again, not sure if I have the correct email for you. but mine is ghostsciencemusic@gmail.com if you could send that script over I would greatly appreciate it! I wasn’t really sure on how to open the subversions on the right of the page. thanks so much ! you are a life saver!!! – Matt

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