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Monomodular b94

I’ve gotten it as together as its going to be for a little while.  Please report any bugs that you find.  There are a lot of little things I keep running into as I’m testing it;  you can expect a small bug-fix release in a week or so unless I find out something major has gone awry.  I’m very interested to know how everyone gets on with this, so please drop me some feedback.

I’ve packaged everything that you need in one zip, you can get it here (on the right).  I will post the individual files to Max for Live as I have time.

I’m very interested to know if anyone is able to get this working with multiple Launchpads…I won’t be able to test with more than one until tomorrow or the next day (someone is loaning me one).

Next up:  Frames for programming clients (just like browser windows). You will be able to set a frame definition via the client with a simple message so that a portion of the grid will be reserved for certain data while everything else goes on around it.

I’m going to build a _Framework script for an 8 knob controller.  It will work with Ableton’s device system the way that the Novation Automap should work (I’ll be using it with a Nocturn, but it will be freely assignable to anything that sends MIDI).

Plinko will get an editor window, so that someone besides me will be able to use it to good effect.

I’ve got several small plugins that need some work, including Life (which is almost finished), and Loopview,  a GUI for Sooperlooper.  Both are monomod clients.

…and hopefully an Ohm64 shows up in the mail this week, so I can start on that.

Be sure to read the Readme, and let me know if I left anything out.

Cheers šŸ™‚

~ by amounra on September 7, 2010.


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