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Win7 Installer Changes

Just a quick note….I’ve made some further modifications to the Windows installer to make things work better for Windows 7 users.  There are still some limitations, which hopefully will be worked out before I release b993.

Mainly, the installer doesn’t seem to autodetect paths when you first drop it in.  I think that Live is probably accessing the log.txt when this happens, which prevents Max from accessing it at the same time.  In any case, you should be able to delete the installer from the track you placed it on, and then reopen it to get autodetection to work.  Sometimes it takes a few tries.

If all else fails, check the wiki for information about where to install the files manually; there is a link to the ‘Manual Installation’ instructions on the installation page of the wiki, as well as more detailed instructions on using the Installer.

Sorry about the difficulties for Win7 user’s, I’ve been trying to make this more painless. I’d really love some more feedback on your experience, be it successful or otherwise.  I updated the installer yesterday again, so you might want to re-download the most current version if you are still having problems.



~ by amounra on January 20, 2012.


8 Responses to “Win7 Installer Changes”

  1. Hi

    I have successfully installed with the automated installer on win 7 x64 , Live 8.2.7 with no problems at all

    I’m sysadmin on my company so i can help you if you need help for something related to win 7


  2. Awesome 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Hi.Your script is wery good.More work.
    But i have two questions.
    Why need installer? I prefer for my mac os x manual installation. But i cant find your files. please, can you send me to my mail. Very thanks.
    And second questions.
    In Livid Ohmscript. When clip is play, control surface in my livid is blinking, when stopped clip only lighting.
    Is this feature possible inmpement to your python script.
    Sorry for my english.

  4. Hi.
    I need help with my Ohm64 (not RGB ). i download and use your b992 script, but in oldest youtube video Ohm64 wank when clip play,button on ohm64 blinking. where is setting for this feature? thanks very much.

  5. You can edit the MonOhm_Map.py script with a text editor to change the default colors. However, it should be flashing for you, so it sounds like the script isn’t detecting that you have a monochrome Ohm connected. You might try changing:

    FORCE_TYPE = True


    If that doesn’t give you the desired behavior, you can change the colors in the bottom part of the Map file. The second value is for the monochrome. Any value over 8 should flash, and you would want to change:

    CLIP_STARTED = [6, 32]

    The six is for RGB, the 32 for Monochrome (again, it should already be flashing, so it sounds like autodetection isn’t working).

    Let me know how you get on, cheers 🙂


  6. Hi.
    ones more.
    problem is solved.
    For my old ohm64 i use your b991b release and now….button blinking.

  7. Hey there, Coallive,

    I found the error in the MonOhm script (and it was a big one….oops, how did I miss that?)….it will be fixed in the b993 release. Sorry about that.

    If you want, you can still get the desired behavior out of the b992 script by editing the Map.py file as I mentioned above.


  8. Hi.
    your support is very big. the script b991b is appears to be ok. for this moment i do not use for M4L and i use only python script. thats script is great. thanks for support….
    if you need anything regarding my Abletonlive.cz advertising, etc. can be used.
    David Konrad

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