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I’ve made quite the mess of things with this most recent revision.


No worries, you’ll be happy with the end results.  But its taking longer than I anticipated (as it always does….why didn’t I anticipate that?), as I got over-zealous and made some pretty major changes to the underpinnings of some of the main scripts, and now I’m left to work out all the bugs.


The good news:  b993 is going to have some pretty significant improvements to, well, everything.  The bad news:  it’s going to be probably another week before I get everything finished.


You can look forward to improved functionality for Device selection in all the scripts (read: it will work the way it was originally intended to), improved performance for all the MIDI-generating mods (no more stuck notes when changing channels), and an extra bonus which won’t really be utilized until later versions, but adds some promise of possibilities to the entire architecture 🙂


Oh, and I have a cold, so I’m not exactly feeling much in a hurry these days.




~ by amounra on January 25, 2012.


2 Responses to “Germs”

  1. man, you never stop working ! 🙂

  2. hey,
    just thought I’d stop by and see what you’ve been doing with your scripts. Looking foward to your additions/improvements.

    Nice new site by the way!

    ’til next time,

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