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Devices of Confusion

Thanks to some other stuff I’ve been working on for Livid, and a user report a week or two ago, I’ve discovered a major flaw in the DeviceComponent stuff I’ve been working so hard to fix for the b993 release.  This means things will be taking a little longer to fix (since this problem is in, like, all of my scripts), but it also means they’ll hopefully be fixed when you get them.

The problem has been there for a while, and basically causes parameter banking not to work correctly (you get best-of banks when pressing shift to change banks, but a different set of parameters when un-shifted, and you can’t go past bank one).

I’m really curious how I got so far without realizing this, but I guess I use Macros for everything in my set, so I never actually go past the first bank.  Anyway, that will be getting fixed pronto.

Thanks again for user reports….they do help a lot (when I have time to investigate them, anyway 😉 ).



~ by amounra on February 26, 2012.


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