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Monomodular b993…ploop!

Actually, I put the link to this stuff up last week.  I think that a few people noticed, so if you’ve already downloaded version b993, you should do so again:  I’ve made some recent fixes and additions (like the new modlink mod).

Immense gratitude to the pre-release beta testers that have been helping out with this.  There was a bunch of stuff to do, and you guys did it.

Now, of course, the rest of you are beta testers too….but all the really hard work has been done on this one, I think.

I’ve added a great amount of material to the Wiki lately.  I’ll keep adding to it as I have time, especially for the individual mods.

You should have a look at the readme in the b993 package.  There are a LOT of changes, and I’m not about to list them all here.  But here’s a summary of the main additions:


New MonoLinkClient for monome emulation….it DOESN’T require Max for Live.

New modlink mod (replaces old monolink mod).  Now supports SerialOSC, and multiple instances should work, like, groovy, man.

Several new ports:  Live Clip Chopper, Grainstorm, _xor.

New modMode ‘ALT’ functions:  Mute, Select Device, View Device, Power.

Better Device selection behavior for MonOhm and AumPad scripts.

Included a new Code template for the Lemur….it does everything a real Livid Code does.

More bugfixes than I feel like listing…see the readme included with the content.


There were a LOT of changes in this one.  I’m still working on things, and will regularly update the content, but for the time being I’ve run out of time to work on this (and spent too much time on this one anyway….it really should have been two separate releases), so it’s time to push this version out.

Documentation for the new MonoLinkClient is somewhat lacking at the moment, but I’m probably not going to spend a great deal of time on it until the next release.  I want to get some feedback about how well everything works, and then I will make some changes to things.

I’ll try to get a video up next week, but I have other priorities at the moment, so…..anyone else want to make some tutorials for MonoLinkClient?

I have a huge list of stuff to start working on for b994, and I really didn’t even finish what I had intended for the present release.  But progress is progress.  I’ll write another blog post about that on Monday or something.

Have fun, and as usual:  this is beta, please let me know what problems you are having, so I can fix them.  If you have questions about things, email me or leave a comment here so others have a chance to see the answer as well.

Happy Blinking!



~ by amounra on March 24, 2012.


49 Responses to “Monomodular b993…ploop!”

  1. Hi a,
    Quick question, since I am on windows, am I not able to use Binary as a timing engine for other mods, because of no lh midi?


  2. You can still do this sort of thing….there are several ways. You can either route the track output of binary directly to the track inputs of the plugin you’re trying to control, or you can use a Nomeout patch. Check this out:


    I’ll try to come up with some better examples for the Wiki when I have some time tomorrow, I know that what’s on there currently isn’t very descriptive.

  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply, I was trying to do exactly what you did in the binary explanation video, and couldn’t get it going, so I left my previous comment. Then I watched the video again and a light bulb went on in my dark brain. As long as the midi channel, “beat” and “start” notes, in the timing source window of the midi pane, match the root note, octave, and midi channel, of the binary gui, you are golden……
    and golden you are!

    Thanks again, this stuff gets better and better.


  4. how do i get the apc 20 to interface with live clip chopper? have both the apc 20 and monomodular scripts set up in the midi pref but the apc still functions as normal session view.

    • Are you using a compatible version of Live? You need Live 8.26 and Max 5.19. Drop me some mail, I’m sure I can help get you straightened out.

  5. I can’t seem to save the patterns I create in Plinko. I hit the “write” button and enter in a name, and that saves, but when i open up the set later, only the settings on the device are saved, not the pattern info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Make sure to save it as a preset by holding shift and pressing one of the preset buttons on the left (or, hold down alt and press one of the lower 4 rows of buttons on the grid). Pressing “Save” will only save what pattrstorage contains, which does not include any unsaved changes you’ve made to the current preset.

      Sorry about that, I’m looking for a better way of doing things…..

  6. Also, with polygome, everything seems to working perfectly, but once in a while, if I stop Live’s transport, then start it again, polygome will stop playing notes. The midi indicators in live will be going like normal, but the vsti will stop playing notes. I’ll have to reload polygome, and everything’s back to normal.

  7. Just figured out that if I run into that problem with polygome, I just have to set polygome’s output to nomeout, and put a nomeout in front of the vst and set the right midi channel, and it’s fixed.

    • I’ll be checking that bit out…..I think it might have happened to me the other day, also. I always output to a MIDI port, so its possible I’m not seeing this bug while testing. Definitely not cool, let me know if you notice anything else. I’m working on some revisions for b993 currently, so hopefully I can figure out the issue and publish a fix with the next batch of changes.

  8. awesome, thanks for the info on saving.

  9. Hi
    Enjoying getting a little time to check out the b993 version – and making good headway this time. Particularly the codec stuff for Lemur, which I am also playing with at the moment along with an actual Code.
    Did you author the Lemur project? Nice work. I would like to do a bit more with it. I have done a basic version of the Code that just sends MIDI.
    Will have a bit more of a play with your with b993 and see how it all goes


    • For some reason I responded to this two days ago and it didn’t stick….

      Anyway, glad you’re having fun.

      I was wondering if anyone was going to notice the Code script that I put in there….its not quite finished, but it will do all the stuff that a normal Code will do when connected to the Codec script. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to do some other Livid hardware in the same manner soon. I’ts pretty amazing what you can do with the Lemur scripting….I wasn’t able to use the built in MIDI functionality to get things done, but I was able to build my own functionality to completely emulate the hardware functions of the Code. Pretty cool!

      Not sure I understand your question about Lemur? I don’t work for Liine (or Jazzmutant), but yes I wrote the Code object in my installation package.

      Interested to see what you come up with 🙂


  10. Hi
    Thanks for the reply

    Yes the Lemur scripting is extremely powerful. and you did a damn fine job porting the Code functionalities. Mine is a bare-bones MIDI implementation, posted on the Liine User Library as LeCODE. Built to play with the recent Max tutorial, before I had a CODE to use. Have also started on similar basic BLOCK, OHM and CONTROL-R . .

    Sorry I can see how you could misinterpret that – I meant your CODE – Lemur project, not the actual Liine Lemur app. Do you work with Livid, though?

    It would be good to post some of your Lemur stuff over on the Liine forum if you like. Basically, I would like to ‘branch’ your work, to re-do mine and figured it was polite to ask first. I’m guessing that’s a ‘yes’ by your final comment. Will attribute you and send you any changes I make.


    • I thought that was what you meant. I think I remember talking to you when you first made that….in which case this was what I had intended to make back then, and am just now getting around to it.

      Yeah, I work for Livid…the Code Lemur template was made with the intention of being an in-house template for testing purposes using multiple Codes….I just haven’t finished all the sysex calls yet.

      I need to get this stuff up over @ the Lemur forums, but I’m kind of waiting to get it ‘finished’, so to speak. One of my main aims for b994 is to get some more Lemur stuff going on (basically, Lemur versions of all the Livid stuff, and MIDI integration instead of OSC with the MonOhm script….plus some iPod/iPhone goodies). When I release it, I’ll add the stuff to the user-base over there. The Codec module is the first that I’ve made that is truly ‘standalone’, meaning you can throw it in a Lemur project and it doesn’t need anything from the main module or cause havoc with anything else. This is my intention with all of the Lemur stuff I make, but the original AumPad and Aum256 modules were my learning projects, so I need to revisit them and make some changes so that they are self-sufficient as library objects.

      Actually, most of the stuff I wrote was going to the be the subject of a new blog post, so I’ll stop here and continue tomorrow with a ‘for real’ post. 🙂


  11. Cool,
    Looks like we will be talking more about this at length.
    One of the first things I did was get both the CODE and LemurCODE running together.
    I’m helping Liine out with some stuff as well at the moment.
    Count us in on your beta program if you want – I can send you some of my stuff also . . .

    I imagine your projects should get released as Premium content eventually at Liine. Anyway likewise Ill leave it at that for now and talk again later.

  12. I need a little help setting up the codec template for lemur on the ipad. I have the Lemaurpad script in ableton’s preferences, and then is it the Aumpad2 M4L device I need to load in Live? I can get the Lemur’s regular templates to talk to the M4L patch, but not the codec template.


  13. My next question is, is it possible to use the lemur codec template to control things like the pitch in grainstorm, while at the same time using the touchosc template for the 256 to control the grid.
    Wild, man!

    • Using the Codec script, Lemur Code template, and my Launchpad, I’m able to have complete control of the Grainstorm mod. (Something I’ve been hoping for ever since Stretta released it) My only problem is that the pattern recorder in the Grainstorm mod doesn’t seem to be working.


      • Awesome 🙂

        I’ll have to check out the pattern record thing when I get time….I may not have ever tried using it when I ported that over. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll add that to the laundry list.

  14. Hi.
    Please,i have a one little problem with my Ohm64 monochrome and py.script b991b. When i move crossfader on my ohm from A to B, in Ableton is reverse B to A. Please where i change in python script. Thank wary much and sorry for my english.

    • There’s not actually a way to change it in the Python script, however if you have your Ohm64 plugged in when you start Live, it should fix itself. The Ohm64’s crossfader sends its value backwards, so you need to use the Ohm64 Editor to ‘Flip Crossfader’, then save to the Ohm.

  15. I have been trying to get any bit of monomodular working with the APC20, and thus far, all I can get functioning is:

    recognized as a control surface in ableton
    shift/master turns monomod on
    shift shows me the grid, and I can select grid, monome patch used, channel
    Shift lock lights a key, but doesn’t seem to do anything (then again, no functions work that should when I;m pressing shift/alt either)

    That’s it. I can’t do anything. None of the alt/shift key functiosn work (can’t focus on any mod, can’t turn it on/off/etc)
    Can’t use any patch for anything.

    And also, I noticed that my activate and solo switches, when using apc20 as apc20 but via monomodular just being off,a nd still through that control surface… they are switched. ie I have to hit solos to activate, and activates to solo.

    I’ve been dreaming for what this sounds like, for the apc20. But so far… I’m still dreaming. Any help? I’m on Win 7. Ableton 8.2.6

    • It sounds like everything is working correctly. Did you add Monomodular as a control surface in your MIDI prefs? This is the most common error…

      It’s normal behavior with the mute/solo switching: this is so you can still mute channels while in modMode.


  16. Yes, I have Monomod as a control surface, with no inputs selected as tutorials show. I have also tried utilizing inputs for monomod control surface, but clearly, that does nothing happy.

    Good to know about the normal behavior of solo/activate.

  17. the weird thing is that I can get the grid and all to show up on my apc20. I can select which quadrant. I can choose mod number and channel. But the key functions do nothing. The shift/alt functions do nothing. Shiftlock lights up, but doesn’t actually function.

    I noticed, in the documentation, that the block numbers for each mod are supposed to auto assign, and I have never had that happen. Every mod I place in a channel comes up with the yellow zero, and I have to manually change the numbers from the mod in ableton.

    • Ok, that’s definitely weird. I’m not sure what’s going on. It sounds like there are incompatible versions of the Remotes Scripts that you’re using with the Max for Live patches. Can you send me your log.txt file and a screenshot of your Max window after you’ve loaded a mod and tried to access it? Drop me some mail @ aumhaa@gmail.com, thanks!

  18. Make sure that you select APC20 in the input and output field next to where you select AumPC20. Everything should work fine once you enter monomode.

  19. Hi, please . I have some small questions. Does your Modlink support 7up m4l version. I try it, but not response. Very thanks . I use ohm64 monochrome.

    • Hi Amounra. Problem with my Ohm64 and 7up solved. I install Monome serial and Ohm with new 7up 2.0.5 is OK. Bye

      • Glad to hear it 🙂 You must be on PC, huh? For some reason it works ok without installing SerialOSC on Mac, but not on PC (which is strange, since it shouldn’t be necessary on either). Anyway, good that you have things working.

  20. What I meant was I did not select inputs for where I select Monomodular as a control surface. I have been using the apc20 as input/output for the aumpc20 control surface, so it does not seem that is the issues I am having (especially since I can access some of the monomodular functions, but only a few, as I described initially).

    • Yeah, it sounds like you have things set up right….this is a strange problem, but if you send me your log and Max window, I should be able to figure out what is going on.

  21. Hello,
    I’ve just picked up a brand new ipad, and bought the Lemur app, and I noticed on the aum256 lemur template, if I push one of the little circle buttons, an arc 4 template pops up. Does this have any functionality yet, or is this something we can look forward to in the future, in which case…..yeeeeeehaaaaaaa!!


  22. Hello,
    I just picked up a brand new iPad, and bought the Lemur app. I was using the aum256 lemur template, and noticed that when I push one of the little circle buttons, an arc4 image pops up. Is there any functionality to this, or is this something we can look forward to in the future, in which case….yesssssssss!


    • I didn’t think the first on went through

      • No worries, I’ve been out of town and haven’t had a chance to get online and check the comments here….I have to approve them manually because I get like 4-10 spam comments per day. Weird…I never had this problem with Google.

        The thing you are perceiving as an ‘arc4’ is actually a GUI for the LoopMaster plugin:


        I do have plans to (eventually) create an Arc interface for the Lemur, and I’ve actually already done all the hard work by creating the Code template with the last release….unfortunately, free time for programming is non-existent right now, so it might be a bit.

        Cheers 🙂


  23. Hi;
    I just installed b993 and I’m unable to get Modlink to work *at all*. I literally followed every step in the YouTube video, but I always get “udpsend: unable to resolve host localhost..” in the Max log window when I click the “connect” button in Max (as seen below). Max *does* have the “monolink 0” entry
    I’m on Live 8.2.6/Max 5.1.9, OSX 10.6.8. I’ve done a couple of fresh installs (of Live/Max) already, and double-checked /etc/hosts.
    This is the log from Max. It shows monome_test starting up, me hitting the “connect” button, then hitting the “connect” button in polygome64.
    binding to port 17812
    | zeroconf.resolve – code by Remy Muller
    | This maintenance release by Nick Rothwell, nick@cassiel.com
    | $Id: zeroconf.resolve.cpp,v cfa525e1c723 2011/02/26 22:01:01 nick $
    | zeroconf.browser – code by Remy Muller
    | This maintenance release by Nick Rothwell, nick@cassiel.com
    | $Id: zeroconf.browser.cpp,v cfa525e1c723 2011/02/26 22:01:01 nick $
    binding to port 15542
    | zeroconf.service – code by Remy Muller
    | This maintenance release by Nick Rothwell, nick@cassiel.com
    | $Id: zeroconf.service.cpp,v cfa525e1c723 2011/02/26 22:01:01 nick $
    zeroconf.service: Service published: /test 15542
    udpsend: unable to resolve host localhost..
    udpsend: unable to resolve host localhost..
    newobj: live.ed: No such object
    binding to port 9001
    udpsend: unable to resolve host localhost..
    udpsend: unable to resolve host localhost..

  24. So I can’t get my launchpad to go into mod mode, I’ve set monomodular as a control surface and nothing, I’ve also set the inputs and outputs on that control surface to tha launchpad and nothing :/ Help?

    • You probably have the wrong Control Surface Script selected for the Launchpad. It should say LaunchMod, not Launchpad. This should have the ins/outs set to your Launchpad. The Monomodular script also needs to be installed, with no ins/outs selected.

      Did this solve your problem?

      • So you are the angel sent from heaven to get me out of my torture!!!!!!!

        Thank You! That solved it!

        No sleeping tonight… LOL

  25. Ok now the problem is that the apps are not working.. I can get notes to play in record on the polygome but when i choose play it wont play the pattern :/

    • What version of MaxMSP do you have installed? If you’re on Max6, you’ll probably need to use the alpha release (b993 isn’t Max6 compatible)….If you need the alpha, drop me some mail and I’ll send it to you, as it’s not public yet (I’m still finding things here and there that need to be fixed, but it’s ALMOST done! ).

      Also, I’d recommend starting with another mod just to make sure you have things working right: TR256 or Boinngg are the best candidates. Polygome contains a myriad of things that can go wrong on the users end and cause it not to “work”, and even I get stumped by it at times. Have you tried any other mods that are working as expected?

  26. It was a matter of hitting play -____- But now that I did that Im finding it hard to use the apps. Gotta study them and understand them, For example at least polygome I cant get a pattern that I like but I pretty sure its just practice!

    Thanks for the support!!!

    Im using Max 5 so no need to download the alpha release up until now..

  27. Hi there, I seem to be having the same problem as no one. I installed both the b994 and the b993 versions, but neither can connect to my APC20. The APC20 goes on monome mode and the same things apply for it as with no one’s post above. I’ve sent you an email with the error messages I get from the logs, any idea what might be wrong?

  28. Hey there,

    I didn’t get your email, make sure you send it to:


    I’m sure I can get you sorted….I haven’t had any reports about the APC20, and I don’t actually own one, so it’s possible there’s a bug somewhere that crept back in from old libraries. Hit me up and I’m sure I can get you going.


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