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Yeeeaah baby

I’ve had scarcely any spare time for coding lately; its the time of year I spend mixing live performances on a pretty much constant basis (I think I did over 20 this week, but at some point I lost count and it hurts my brain to think about it too much). 

Regardless, I found a little time to do some digging, and I’ve found a way to do what I want through the Python scripts.  That means we’ll have a bit easier of a time accessing certain functionality of control_surface scripts directly from the LiveAPI.  It also means there will be a new plugin out very soon for the Nocturn, or other similar rotary controls. 

There will probably be an update to the Monomod host in short order that will switch a lot of the heavy lifting over to Python in the iPad script.  I need to fix a little problem with the APC controller script, as well.

Leigh Hunt has provided some externals for me to check out that may facilitate easier MIDI communication/routing on OSX, at least.  Thanks, Leigh šŸ™‚  I’m so glad some alternatives for these issues are appearing at last.

~ by amounra on September 13, 2010.


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