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Back to Work!

I’m FINALLY getting a chance to work on b994.  After several months of mixing live sound in the woods at festivals, showering too infrequently, eating the wrong things, not sleeping much, and working every single day, I came up with the time to get everything working in Max6 last night, and besides three hours of wasted time chasing down an esoteric connection bug with Python, everything went pretty smoothly.  I’ve managed to move all of the current Monomodular suite over to Max6 and I’m now testing things to see what else is broken.

I’m afraid that version b994 will not contain any new features to speak of.  There are a lot of ideas that I’m working on currently, and no shortage of new features that I’ve added to some of the scripts since the last release.  Unfortunately, the move over to Max6 has been anything but trivial, and b994 will therefore only contain a straight port of the last version for Max6 compatibility.  The changes that I had to make to get things working right were quite a bit more complex than I’d first hoped they’d be.  Consequently, I want to get this out to everyone as soon as possible, and we can use b994 to iron out all the bugs that will probably pop up from Max6 incompatibilities before I start adding other things that will make everything more complicated.  The other features that I’d mentioned in my earlier posts will have to wait until b995…..but don’t fret, I’m on it!

As soon as I get everything packaged up and make the minor changes  that are left to the rest of the Python scripts, I’ll put a link up for the beta testers and hopefully we can get this cart back on this newly paved road we’ve been given 😉




~ by amounra on August 16, 2012.


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  1. Nice, i just updated to max 6 and noticed that some things reacted strangely

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