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As always, things are taking longer and longer.   I had to rebuild the connection protocol yet again over the last couple of days, which is ludicrous.  I basically spent 24 hours of coding just to get back to the place I had started.  I tried a bunch of different things to make Live play nice between edit/Live modes, but at this point I’m just over it.  There are flaws with their routines, and it’s not my job to reverse engineer their software in order to fix problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

I removed all the ridiculous routines I was using to circumvent m4l’s shortcomings….at least now the codebase is a little more readable, and doesn’t give me a headache every time I need to look for a problem I encounter.

So, yeah, maybe I’m venting a bit.

I’ve got a working version for the upcoming CNTRLR update, which means that Monomodular might get out before the end of the week if I don’t find any further problems.




~ by amounra on August 21, 2012.


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