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b994 alpha

I’ve finished a build of b994 that <appears> to be working well enough.  If you’re interested in testing the alpha build, and have some previous experience using Monomodular, drop me some email and I’ll send you a link to the newest stuff.  I need to be able to keep track of whose using this and what your experience is at this point.

There’s quite a bit of the material I haven’t had time to test, so instead of releasing everything at once, I want to get some feedback from other user’s that know what’s going on so that I can confirm everything is actually working.

I haven’t bundled the material with an installer yet, you’ll have to put the files manually where they go.

If I get some positive reports about this on multiple systems/controllers, I’ll bundle it in the installer and release it shortly.



~ by amounra on August 23, 2012.


5 Responses to “b994 alpha”

  1. Hello, i’d love to test the new alpha version but i cant’ find your email anymore. I’m using b993 with max 6 and sometimes it is reacting strangely

  2. how’s it looking?

    • Almost there…I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had time to tie up loose ends. I’m still checking individual files, but the installer for OSX is done…just need to get the Windows one done. I’ll post a blog entry once I get settled back in to my routine 😉

  3. no problem, I had a gig this week-end so i reinstalled max 5, i’ll be waiting you to be ready to release it.

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