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…still working

Just a short update:  the new Codec script is largely done at this point, and I’m taking a few days to finish fleshing out the functionality of the new patch I’ve written for CNTRL:R called “Hex”.  It’s turning out quite fantastic 🙂  Imagine the Livid stepprs, TR256, Binary, Polygome, PressCafe, and Endcoders all combined into one (fairly) easy to navigate patch.  Program a rhythm or a step sequence into the patch like you would in the stepprs, then play it in real time like you can with Binary/PressCafe/Polygome.  It will be a while (read:b995) before its ported to Monomodular, but in the meantime I’m having quite a bit of fun with it using the CNTRL:R….the idea is to have compatibility with CNTRL:R/Codec/Monomodular so that you can manipulate different elements of the patch with multiple controllers connected to it simultaneously.  For instance, do all the step programming on the CNTRL:R while triggering sequences you create with a grid controller like the Ohm or a Launchpad.

I’m still looking for a Sunday-ish release of the new b994 installers….be sure and let me know if you’ve been using the alpha_release and found any problems with specific elements in it.  I’ve not had much time to do thorough testing with the older patches, so any help is appreciated.




~ by amounra on October 12, 2012.


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  1. Cool ! Sounds amazing !

  2. Hey, i am just discovering your whole monomodular setup and i am really impressed, the flexibility is very high and it instantly brought some creative input. So, thank you very much for all that work and that you share it with us!

    I have a little but very annoying problem with plinko. I dont think that the probbility system works in my setup. (win7, max 5.19, live 8.33, launchpad) If i ad an event as a loop start, ad a direction, note and channel, it will allways play, doesnt matter what probability i have set. also this happens for other nodes. I played with it for pretty some time but i never could get a rythm out of it with some kind of random variations. Point is i really love it!! So it would be great if you could have a look into this or maybe point me to a mistake i made! Thank you! Robert

  3. Ohh well, it was my mistake 🙂 ! I understood it, i had to set plane on “?” Its great! what do you use the other plane numbers for?

    • I mainly use it for programming a sequence….it makes it possible to “preview” each plane to hear what it will sound like. You can also automate the plane parameter to achieve morphing between different probability layers in your Plinko sequence.

  4. Sorry for spamming the comments here!

    But i thought i give it a try and tell you something i wanted since a long time!
    I love and use alot boiingg and i am very exited about the new possibilitys i have now with the timing changes, but still i thing there could be some things wich would make it even more awesome.
    If you could store scale setups and assign them to pads you could play kind of chords with your appegio, if you understand what i mean, this would be awesome!
    I tried if maybe the scale setup is saved with a preset, this would be a work around, but sadly it is not…

    Another thing wich would be great for the whole system, is a pattern recorder like in 7up 🙂

    But i am happy to have discoverd it, if you would want to have more feedback, maybe you just drop me your mail adress and i will happily tell you ideas or bugs i might come across!


    • No worries, that’s what the comments are here for!

      Re: scales. I’ll try to add that soon, it shouldn’t be too hard. I agree, that functionality would be useful.

      Re: 7up. Keep in mind you can always run 7up with Monomodular by using the monolink mod as a bridge. You can run any standard patch written for monome using it 😉 There will also be some new possibilities when I’m able to release the Hex mod for grid controllers with b995.

  5. Sweet, i am looking forward to it! It would be great if there would be a simple possibilty to record a set of preset changes and pad-presses and play them back also with your adaptions, as i cannot use them in 7up, right?

    But i am really happy, i played now since 7-8 hours with the system and didnt have any chrash yet!

  6. and i think as all the patches are much more connectet anyway you could do this even globally, you could write some tonal changes in polygome into a pattern recorder, then go to a drums sequencer record into the same pattern with overwrite some pattern changes and have this whole sequence stored as one pattern… then you do the same with some other polygome sequences and the same drumsequence into the next patter … and voila you have a nice and easy way to control even complex changes with a simple press.

  7. i’m using the glitch factory template for the apc40 by will marshall and mr bill from oz, i’m hacking it a bit and modding the template to my own ends. it has custom python scripting which is probably a bit beyond me. how do i get to shift into monomodular and back into their apclive control surface?

    • It’s hard to say without looking at the other scripts you’re using….it’s definitely possible to combine all the scripts together, but not without a lot of trouble….Will does things differently than I do with his scripting. If you look at my APC40 script for long enough, though, you can probably figure it out. You just have to include all the Monomodular classes and overrides, and then find a place to put the shift button. Shifting is just a matter of deassigning all the main components and reassigning them to the monomodular ones. This may or may not be so easy, depending on how Wills script is built.

      • they don’t look too complicated although yours seem to be! any help would be much appreciated. i have a coder friend who’s willing to help, but some pointers would be good. feel free to email me.
        also i had a question about connecting other devices to control monomodular, like haplome kaonome or touchmonome. if they work like real monomes is there an easy way?

        • Sent you an email about the scripts.

          Re: monome integration. Yeah, you can either use the (native) Monolink portion of the Monomodular script (nom4l required, but it’s slower): https://aumhaa.com/wiki/index.php?title=MonoLinkComponent

          or you can use the ModLink mod: https://aumhaa.com/wiki/index.php?title=Modlink\

          • thanks a lot… yeah i saw those but i thought they were sending OUT to monome patches/7up etc. i want to send IN using external devices (e.g. haplome) to control monomodular devices. am i being thick? how do i assign it to a specific mod?

          • Ahhh, no you’re not being thick, I am. Unfortunately there’s not a way to do that….my scheme requires the Monomodular scripts to work….not that you couldn’t port them for use with some other setup….but it would be kind of counterproductive, since most of them were already ported FROM existing schemes. As for my own plugins, I’ve never had a desire to use them with other setups since Monomodular is my platform.

  8. i guess not, but on the other hand, if i’ve got some other ways of controlling it, why take it out of ableton? anyway i’ve got aum256 on the lemur for iphone working, very nice! bit fiddly scrolling about so i might have to convert it and share…

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