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Hmmm.  I’ve been busy with things lately, I guess.  I’ve made some pretty good progress with the Python scripts, but I’m afraid a lot of things have gotten put on the backburner until I determine exactly how I want to do things.  Not to mention, (as usual) real life gets in the way.

I wanted to release this little utility, as I’ve promised it to several people and finally have a version that is complete enough to be usable.  It serves as a soft lcd for any generic device controller.  Its the same basic code behind a lot of other things that I’ve written, except that now it pipes all the data in directly from the Python scripts, meaning its faster and much more capable.  I’ve made some significant improvements to the main Python Class, so that we can get things like updates whenever a new bank or device is selected.  I’ve also enabled a means to send updates to the components directly from m4l, which simply isn’t possible in any of the existing scripts.  There is a lot left to do in this regard, but I’m going to take it slow and explore a little as I go, since the iPad script is functional as it is and this will only be making things faster/ more efficient.

Anyway…this little piece of code is pretty simple.  But if you examine it closely, I think you’ll find a few very valuable things in there, and this is the best place to see it from (before it gets really complicated, which I’m sure its about to).  The functions I built in the main Class are pretty easy to follow,  but I haven’t added any commenting yet.  If anyone has any questions, as usual don’t hesitate to comment or drop me some mail.

All you have to do to make it work is place the Python script in your MIDI Remote Scripts folder, and open up the LCD patcher somewhere in your project.  The necessary assignments for the controller you are using are simple (rotaries @ cc 0 – 7, buttons @ cc 8 – 15, xfader @ cc 16, all on channel 1).  The script was intended for a Novation Nocturn, but you could use it with whatever you like.

I’ll have much more to say about all this later…the link is on the right, under “LCD”.

It’s also here :  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6044993/LCD_b942.zip

Cheers 🙂

~ by amounra on September 21, 2010.


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