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optimistic mantra

If I keep repeating myself (‘almost there, almost there, almost there’), I might start to believe what I’m saying 😉  Unexpected gigs and other commitments kept me from getting as much done as I’d expected this weekend, but I’m still truckin’.

Hex is done for now (at LAST!  It’s been lurking on the borders of my attention for months now).  There is a lot of bug testing that needs to be done with it yet, but as far as I can tell there are only little things that don’t work right.  Polygome style triggering is done, but PressCafe style triggering will have to wait until I can incorporate it into Monomodular proper-like (there’s just no point in doing it with the CNTRL:R’s little 4×4 grid).  You can roughly achieve the same thing as it sits, but it’s not as fun as playing a full PressCafe grid with an 8×8.

I’m really looking forward to getting b995 out (he says;  and he hasn’t even released b994 yet…), as it will reveal a lot of new Monomodular features that I’ve been working on for over six months.  That said, I really want to put the current version behind me, and in everyone elses hands that might be waiting on it, so that I can get on with the real work, the stuff I like:  making new stuff.

What’s left are finishing touches on the new Codec and AumTroll (an alternate CNTRL:R implementation that links to the MonOhm) scripts and then I’ll be able to package everything up.  Mostly busy work remains, and hopefully I can be done with it before the weekend (or next year).

As far as b995 goes, some of the things I imagine I’ll be working on:

Full integration of CNTRL:R with Monodular (I was trying to use the implementation I wrote for Livid up to this point, but I’m finding areas I’d rather just have complete integration instead).

Hidden Monomodular script (so you don’t have to waste a slot on it in your preferences…I’m still not certain this is possible, though.  Some preliminary testing showed that it should be).

Better multichannel support (speculative, I’ve had some new ideas lately).

Direct Hex integration with Monomodular (this is a big deal, as this mod is really becoming the hub of everything I’m working on right now).

Porting some routines over to faster processes (e.g. AumBoids will be moving to Java so I can actually use it in a set without bogging…it’s already half done, actually).  I’ve been experimenting with Gen~ in this regard, and have had good results.  Unfortunately, though, I’ve not had enough time to determine the best approach yet.

Further development of the Looper plugin (which you’ll see some improvements in already, even though I know I’m the only one using it).

Documentation, documentation, documentation.  Ok.  That probably should be my mantra, I guess….




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  1. yay! should i take my controller to my gfriends for the weekend?

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