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I must have racked up some bad Karma somewhere…..

b994 is pretty much in the bag.  I’m making small adjustments to things here and there, and honestly I would have already made it public by now if it weren’t for the fact that my development laptop took a huge steaming dump all over my life about 4 days ago, just as I was finishing up the last details on the new release.  What first appeared to be simply a broken hard drive is now seeming more like a faulty motherboard.  In any case, it’s making it difficult to get anything done.  I’m on my third reinstallation, and so far everything looks good…..

In any case, you’ll see it any moment now….I just have to get all the stuff in one place so that I can publish it, and some of said stuff is hidden deep in the recesses of a broken operating system at the moment.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and donations are welcome 😉

Oh, and stay tuned for b995 news….I’ve got some truly fancy hacks that will make life better coming your way!



~ by amounra on October 29, 2012.


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