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I’ve updated the download links on the right with the b994 release content.  The most significant changes with the new version are Max 6 compatibility, addition of CNTRL:R support for several Codec patches, a new Codec script with additional functionality, and a completely new mod for CNTRL:R (“hex”).  There are many other changes I’ve neglected to note (some of the changes I’ve noted in the readme.txt included with the installer content…honestly, though, I’ve lost track of some of the changes).  Due to multiple computer issues I’ve had over the last month, my working version of these files has been tossed back and forth between machines several times, so please let me know if something has become corrupted or out of date.  I’ve tried to re-test as much of this release as possible, but it’s possible that  some things have gotten by me.

I’ve received reports that the installer is working on all systems, however you may need to select  “Run as administrator” for Live when using the installer on Win7 or Win8 systems, and then browse to the installer patch in Live’s browser in order for it to work.  Also, I’ve heard no reports of succes on Win8 or OSX.8, so I’d appreciate some feedback in this regard.  I’d really like to come up with another installation solution for Windows, but the time commitment is fairly severe for this sort of thing since ultimately it comes down to writing a new external to handle file copying.

I’ve updated some of the documentation on the wiki for the current feature set, including new pages for “hex” and the new Codec controller script.  I’ll attempt to add to these further in the coming week, as well as add some new videos to my YouTube channel for various things (this always takes longer than it should).

First order of business for me is to get all this stuff onto the SVN repo and re-integrate installer support.  I’ve heard that users can’t open the frozen patches on Windows systems, and this at least will allow checkout of all the individual unfrozen files for those that wish to edit some of this stuff.

I have a huge list of new things that will be going into b995, and some additional revisions that you’ll see to individual patches before that.  Some of the additions:

Replacement of Nomeout with a new Python solution.

Monomodular integration of the CNTRL:R surface.

New MonoDeviceComponent for Monomodular.

New Endcoder patch based on the MonoDeviceComponent.

Hex support for Monomodular.

Hex additions for copy/paste of patterns, user customization of mode switching, fixes for FreeWheel mode, and various other improvements based on my experience from continued use of the patch.

As I mentioned before, b995 will probably be the last update for Live 8.  However, I’m hoping that most of the functionality between Live 8 and Live 9 versions of Monomodular will be compatible between both versions;  the jury is still out.

As always, thanks for the support, and let me know if you find anything that’s not working right.  I’ll drop another blog post when I get around to the incremental….if I find any problems, I’ll just update the current package with the updated one and you can re-download and reinstall it.

Happy Blinking!


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  1. Hi, I have b993 working fine with a LaunchPad, but have just installed b994 on Windows 7 and get no lights when switching to LaunchMod b994. Thought I should let you know. Thanks for Monomodular!

    • Thanks for the report, Jim! I just tested the current release for the LaunchMod script on both OSX.7 and Win7 and the current build isn’t giving me any errors, and is working fine. You might try reinstalling (make sure you run Live as Admin)…if you can’t get it working, please send me your log.txt file so I can try to figure out what’s going on; there might be something peculiar about yoour setup that’s causing things not to work. Thanks again 🙂



  2. I got another report of this from a win7 user….apparently the installer is gagging on permissions on some systems. You may need to manually copy all the folders from “Python Scripts” in the installer package into the “MIDI Remote Scripts” folder in Live’s application directory. I’m working on a fix for this, but currently can’t figure out what’s going wrong…please send log.txt files!


  3. Man, I just found your outstanding work in a couple of days ago, and the first thing i want and have to do is is tell you: -THANKS!!!!!!!!
    You’re a genius and you have put a lot of hard work on all of this things, and leave it all for free to us to use it’s rally kind.
    I am a control maniac, I have 2 launchpads, 1 apc40, 2 legacy lemur, 1 monome grayscale 64, 1 korg nanoKontrol 2, 1 novation nocturn, 1 behringer bcf2000 and 1 bcr2000, 2 ipads with lemur, griid pro, and touchable.
    I always in search of perfect combinations of this babies for help me in production and live stages.
    When I discovered your project and start to see your videos I found it all outstanding.
    I just have some doubts that can’t found anywhere in the wiki or your blog about your lemur templates, last night I start to test by trial and error to discover what things do what in each diferent templates for lemur.
    So, I really want to be in touch with you and exchange ideas.
    Beside that, count on me for test with diferent controllers, with lemur on ipad, with new ideas.
    Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, but I’m a heavy user of interfaces and controllers and if I could help you in any way, I’ll be glad to.
    By the way, I’m Brazilian, so sorry for bad english.
    All the best and KUDOs for your great work.

    • Awesome 🙂 I love to hear that sort of thing! Feel free to email me if you have specific questions about things, or you can comment here and I’ll be sure to answer what I can. It really helps to get feedback about the “mysterious” parts of Monomodular, as it helps me include better information in the wiki and elsewhere.


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