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The Old Man is Snoring

That’s how it is here, anyway:  “Wet”.  It’s been raining for days.

I’ve made steady progress in getting things ready for b995.  CNTRL:R is already ported over to Monomodular, and I have a working version of “hex” for the other grid controllers.  It’s getting exciting!  I plan on fleshing out Polygome, PressCafe, and Boiingg style sequencing with it in the coming days, as well as some other goodies.  In addition, I still have to improve the timing mechanism and squash some bugs.

Steve Noreyko has been working on the Wiki, adding in bits and fixing my mistakes, which is extremely welcome help for me.  Please, let me know if you’re interested in participating in that sort of thing, I’m happy to set you up an account on the wiki.  Outside contributions make things much more readable for the masses, as I know I tend to gloss over a lot of things that I just assume users are already familiar with.

I’ve also been checking some of the new Codec stuff:  there are definitely some errors, and hopefully I can get the fixes incorporated into the next pre-b995  incremental update.

I’ve had some inquiries about Live9 compatibility for both my own scripts as well as the stock Livid stuff.  It’s coming, but don’t expect it until b996.  Even though I’ve confirmed that our methods will work in Live9, I know it’s much less trouble in the long run to wait until closer to final release of Live9.  In addition, there is a great deal of work I’ll have to do, and I’d rather wrap it all up into the b996 release, just for the sake of my own sanity. In any case, if you’re interested in testing send me some mail and I’ll get you out test versions as soon as I get them ready.  I’m anxious to start testing in Live9 myself, but simply haven’t had the time to comit to it with everything else that’s going on for me.

Monomodular b996 is probably not going to see a whole lot of visible changes, but I’ll be recoding the entire back-end to get rid of redundancies, smooth transitions, and make things faster overall.  I’m hoping to incorporate a few coding conventions I’ve learned recently.  The more projects I get involved in, the more important it is to make my code-base self-sutaining.  Otherwise, I end up spending all my time rewriting things and making small changes to a huge number of scripts.  It’s something I’m learning to avoid.


~ by amounra on December 3, 2012.


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  1. any chance of a release of the aumtroll? I’ve had my cntrlr about 3 months and done about everything I can and found your website, would really help me out at least and thanks for all the work you do, truly amazing

    • I released it with b994…there will be some huge changes in b995, coming shortly. You can get it by downloading the Monomodular package, however I don’t know how much help it will be ATM, as there’s no documentation and its rather taylored to my own needs. There will be a more “generic” version available with b995 that supports regular Monomodular mods.

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