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Ohm64 script is done :)

My apologies to those of you to whom I’ve made promises and haven’t delivered on yet….I know there are a few of you out there lately. 

Real life is extremely busy for me presently, and I’ve had little time to spend coding and doing computer related things.

I have, on the other hand, finished the Python script for the Ohm64.  There are a few errors I’ve been getting that need to be tracked down, but for the most part it is complete for now.  There is also a lot of room left for additions as people request them or I think of them myself.

I need to finish the m4l companion to the new script so that it can be released.  It will provide a HUD that works in the same fashion as the LCD patch I built, but will function for all the knobs/faders on the device.  I may add some feedback for button assignment, as well.  It is mostly finished already; the only thing left to do is to incorporate the pertinent parts of Monomod into the mix.

What this means for the rest of you: probably nothing, unless you own (or plan on buying) an Ohm64.  However, because of the investment in time I’ve already made working in Python these past few weeks, the iPad script will be getting rewritten next, and oh man its gonna be so much better (read: faster).  I’ve come to the conclusion that any API stuff that I need to do for now on will be taken care of in Python, as its easy to link the functions from m4l.  There’s so much raw horsepower in there, its such a shame that the Abes won’t give us clear docs and a debugger….I mean, they’ve already given us access with m4l, but its basically worthless without rewriting the _Framework functions to take advantage of this.


I’ll have the Ohm64 script out to the public next week if I can find some beta testers (maybe the following week, if there are a lot of things to fix).  Then a rewrite of the iPad script, and finally back to Plinko:  I’m going to recode its engine in Java, so I have some more headroom.  Basically, I should be able to cut down the processing load for the main patches by 50% I think.  (I hear someone far away yelling “the proof is in the pudding!”)

~ by amounra on October 15, 2010.


3 Responses to “Ohm64 script is done :)”

  1. Hi there,

    Been reading up on your progress both here and on the Livid forums. I know you already have several Mac beta testers, was wondering if you'd be willing to include me. I just got my Ohm64 and am eager to try all options, as the Max4Live.info script is being very buggy for me.

    Thanks for the consideration. I'll also send this in a regular email.


  2. Hey there, NoahDeep. I'll send you a link to the current beta. Hopefully the release version will be available in the next few days.



  3. The script look very nice ! Just got a ohm also, would love to have a try (:



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