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I’ve finally gotten around to actively working on the Live9 integration.  It was my intention to release b995 before I made the transition, and although it may still happen, I just have too much to do before I can make the release.  So it’s likely that my plans at having a separate release for b995 incorporating the new stuff (mostly MonoDevice support for existing mods and scripts) will have to wait until I’ve finished everything, even thought there may be two separate releases, one for Live8 and one for Live9.

I still intend on adding the current working versions to the repo at some point so that testing can commence from any parties willing to embark upon such a  journey 😉  Hex is largely finished at this point, and I’ve been using it successfully for some time now, but there are a lot of small changes I want to make before a public release is ready.  I hope to implement all the features I want before release even if they don’t work exactly as desired, so that going forward any presets made on older versions will be compatible with the newer versions.  That’s mostly the delay at this point.

Live9 compatibility for Monomodular probably won’t be released until Live9 is released, it’s that plain and simple.  Ableton’s codebase keeps changing enough between each revision of the beta that it makes little sense for me to do more than a preliminary rewrite of my own material at this point, as it will just be extra work for me when everything is finally committed in the final release.  Sorry for this, you’ll just have to get by on Live8 for now.

I’ve found some ways to further rewrite the scripts that will make it a lot easier for end-user editing and customization (at least in Live8 – Live9 may be another story altogether).  You can look forward to that in the next version, so even if you’re not using m4l there will be some benefits.

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  1. are you into Live 9s API and midi remote scripts? I’m trying to find out whats different so I could change some scripts to try and make them compile in 9. Can’t say how awesome your stuff is cause I havent quite wrapped my brain around it yet, but its pretty fckin awesome just from what Ive seen in the wiki. Preciate the work and heres to a (hopefully) succesful transition to 9.

    • There are loads and loads of differences. I’m making a list as I go through my own stuff, but it’s far from exhaustive at this point. One of the problems with using a non-public API is that its publisher (Ableton) isn’t responsible for the general “do no harm” ethic that would generally be commonplace. Consequently, they can do whatever they want. The underpinnings (i.e., the very smallest components) have changed drastically. FWIW, they still operate roughly the way they did, but if someone like me has hacked all around them to get custom interactions working, this stuff is going to be broken in 9.

      Major changes I’ve noticed so far that have affected my own scripts:

      send_midi() from ControlElement must be tuple now.

      install_connections() has changed.

      set_suppress_rebuild_requests() has been replaced by with self.component_guard(); this’ll fubar you right out of the gate.

      translation works slightly differently, which caused me some serious headaches in porting over OhmModes a couple days ago.

      A SessionComponent must now be explicitly designated as the highlighting_session_component in the ControlSurface override.

      BIG ONE: Live now caches all compiles on import, and doesn’t look at them again until you restart Live. That means every time you change a module,
      you’ll have to restart Live in order to see the changes. reload() doesn’t seem to work correctly in this regard, either…I’d love to hear of a successful workaround for this, as being the sloppy coder that I am, I tend to make small changes and test them in line quite often…it’s taking me forever to get anything done now.

      I have some Livid NAMM deadlines at the moment, so I won’t be getting back to 9 for a couple of weeks, but if you have specific questions feel free to ask, I’ll do what I can. The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on your log.txt file for now, I’m afraid.


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