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7up appears to work with Monomodular….

I don’t have a great deal of time to learn 7up right now, but it appears that everything works (I had a report to the contrary).  Seems kinda slow to me, but again, I’ve only spent five minutes with it and have no idea how its really supposed to work.  A project for another day….

Anybody with experience, please leave some feedback.

Cheers 🙂

~ by amounra on October 15, 2010.


5 Responses to “7up appears to work with Monomodular….”

  1. hey i want to thank you for the good work. Enjoing your mfl devices very much!

    i tried to run 7up but it doesnt work.
    if you could explain how you got it to run it would be very helpfull.

    it wont show up in the clients list for some reason.

  2. Are you using the Monolink client? Its required to connect to standard (non-Monomodular ported) Monome patches. I've gotten this to work, as have some other users.

  3. jey for some reason i missed this information 😀

    thanks! chopping now.

  4. damn it didnt work yesterday but the live chopper worked, so the problem is within the configuration of 7up.
    what do i have to specifie in 7up for osc host address? is standard.
    and whats about the prefixes?

  5. I'm not sure off the top of my head….I'll have to investigate it (I don't use 7-up, but I have gotten it working before).

    Drop me your email addy and I'll see if I can help

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