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SVN update

Hey all,

I’ve added some files to the repository; it’s not everything that’s done at this point, but I’ll add more as I come across things.  My work is spanned over a couple of machines at the moment so it may be a few days before I get everything in the same place.

You can use the installer patch to download from SVN, it will put the files where they go and tag everything with the correct date so it’s a little less confusing.  The new Python scripts are tagged b995, and there is a folder in the m4l patches sub that is labeled “b995 Stuff”…this has the new Hex and Encoders in it, along with some other stuff I’ve ported over to b995 for my own sets. Let me know what you find in the way of creepy crawlies please.

Before you ask, none of this stuff is Live9 compatible, sorry 🙁


~ by amounra on January 18, 2013.


3 Responses to “SVN update”

  1. hello,
    great tools 🙂
    just have a look at 995
    and i can’t find the Python scripts b995
    in the svn
    btw which version of live is needed?

    • Hey sorry about that and thanks for the heads up….for some reason they didn’t get checked in as I’d thought. I’ve since added them, they should be available now.

  2. thx

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