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If you can’t say anything nice, then add some stuff to svn.

I’ve been hard at work since my last blog post trying to get Monomodular working in Live 9.

The good news:  some stuff is working.  I was able to get AumTroll and MonOhm working together in my own setup, although I haven’t done extensive testing.  I’ve also gotten the LaunchMod script working (and boy, was that a pain in the arse!).

The bad news:  Live 9 sucks.  Well, not necessarily from the end-user’s view, but from the viewpoint of a programmer who was already having to hack into the backend of Ableton’s code, things have become considerably more difficult for those of us who are not working with the official Cucumber debugger.  New methods in the _Framework have essentially broken any error reporting that doesn’t happen in the very top level of code, which means now things just break and there’s no way to find out what the cause was other than adding explicit lines of debug code myself, and even that is only moderately effective.  In addition, Live no longer recompiles and reloads the scripts each time you add or remove  them from preferences, so its now necessary to restart Live every single time I change a line of code in one of my scripts.  Bottom line:  the whole process is much more tedious and takes a good deal longer.

Oh, and the current decompiles of the included Live 9 scripts available are fairly unusable for more than just educational purposes.  Just saying, that’s all.  Presumably the method being used is decompyle2, and although it does a really good job, assertions are not being rendered properly and will fail to compile correctly in Live 9’s Python interpreter.  I wish I could say I’ve done better myself, but I am using the same methods and the only solution is to go through and carefully hand marshall all the incompatible lines with correspond valid syntax.  It’s painful.

I’ve added the currently working scripts to the SVN repository for those of you that want to try things out.  Let me know what you discover, there are sure to be lots of bugs with all this stuff.  I’m slowly but surely getting through most of the old scripts.

It is now necessary to have the “_Mono_Framework” folder installed for the scripts to work.  This is a generalization of the most useful and prevalent scripts I’ve written, and will be the model going forward for all the stuff I’m working on.  When updating to new versions, it is extremely important to make sure that you’re using the most recent version of these scripts, and I haven’t come to any conclusions about how I’m going to marshall that process, so for the time being just replace the “_Mono_Framework” folder with the current version every time you download a new revision and you should be fine.

I’m currently trying to get the AumPC scripts done, but I’ve run into a very frustrating problem I haven’t been able to solve yet so I’m not sure when it will be finished.

It seems I might have gotten left out of the loop in regards of getting an Ableton Push in a timely manner.  Oh well, their loss I guess.  I’m not going to be bothered to write cool stuff for it if they can’t send me the hardware….hell, I’m even paying for the damned thing!  Anyway, some of you had been asking, so there’s your answer:  it’s still “Vaporware” as far as I’m concerned 😉

Oh, and for those of you concerned about my health (mostly just me, but still…), I apparently might be getting better.  But quite honestly, all these meds are making me sleepy and cranky….I’ll sure be glad when things are back to normal!


~ by amounra on April 3, 2013.


24 Responses to “If you can’t say anything nice, then add some stuff to svn.”

  1. Thankyou soooo much dude this is awesome, I’m almost back to full Monomodular glory, one question though, where do i put the _Mono_Framework folder.

  2. do i need a b995 version of “aumhaa blocks” to get it working?

    • Only the patches that have been ported over to b995 will work with the Live9 stuff….I think I’ve ported most of them over already, but some of them may have some bugs…let me know what you find out.

      I’ll hopefully have more time this weekend to get the rest of this stuff packaged and figure out what’s what.

      • The Plinko b995 does not work in my Live 9 setup. It gets assigned a Mod number, but after that the buttons are not doing anything.

        Any idea what it could be?

        • Make sure you’ve put the files from the java folder in the proper place in your Cycling ’74 folder…without the class files in place, Plinko won’t work properly. Let me know if that solves your problem 😉

          I’m working on a new version of the installer right now which will hopefully be ready in the next few days.

          • hello, I am having the same problem as James, where I seem to have everything in the right place but CANNOT get into monomodular mode on the launchpad. The user1/user 2 button press isn’t working.

            I know nothing about coding so I’m listing the following observations as an fyi just in case it helps:

            I can get into monomodular mode on the launchpad in the former version (.941) but can’t get that version to connect with patches.

            for the new version I am seeing the downloads in midi preferences and choosing: Launchmod b994r… in midi slot 8 having followed the video tutorials. I also added the aumhaa_blocks to the cycling 74 file in max, and I placed —- zeroconf.browser, zeroconf.mxo, zeroconf.resolve, zeroconf.service — all in the max-externals folder. (I noticed on the tutorial he has only three files and I placed all 4 the odd file being zeroconf.mxo) I also noticed there is a max-externals and a m4l-externals…

            obviously I’m not sure about any of this stuff, so I’m just putting it out there to see if I can get a clue…his updated tutorial is version 993 on a pc, I’m running a macbook,

            Is there a core monomodular patch I should be loading first – like the former version? or should I just be loading the presscafe patch, etc.

            any help would be appreciated, thanks so much

          • Is there a core monomodular patch I should be loading first – like the former version? or should I just be loading the presscafe patch, etc.

            Yes, I believe you are making a very common ommission: you need to have the “Monomodular” script loaded in one of the control surface slots in addition to LaunchMod script. Otherwise it sounds like you’ve got things set up right…let me know if that doesn’t solve it (or if it does!)


          • still no dice, here is what I’m seeing with my midi remote scripts:

            monomodular_b994 (I added manually contains both .py & .pyc files)
            Monomodular_b994r111112 (came with the install and several others Lemaur, Monohm, etc)


            I’ve tried matching them both up, one of each in the midi slots. all of this is in Live 9 btw, could that be the problem? most of the other midi scripts have only .pyc files whereas yours has both .py & .pyc, could that be the issue?

            I’m going to wipe it all and try to reinstall later…

          • Those are for live8. You’ll have to download the newer stuff from SVN in order to use monomodular with live9….I’ll have to give details later as I’m mobile right now.

  3. is there a b995 version of the mod that works with the Lemaur256 b995 script. I can’t seem to find it on SVN.


    • Not yet….I haven’t had time to do it. I should have that stuff finished this weekend some time, as the Lemur/TouchOSC stuff is mostly the same as the MonOhm script internally so its just a matter of finding the time to make the changes and tidy things up. I’ll drop you some mail when I get it up on svn.

  4. No worries on the lemur stuff, i just could’ve sworn i saw it somewhere before. Anyway, i got a chance to load up the launchmod script in live 9. I put that, the monomodular, and the _mono_framework scripts, into the midi remote scripts folder, selected launchmod b995 9, and monomodular b995 9, in the midi sync tabs. The launchpad did light up, and i can use it as a regular launchpad, but i can’t get into monomodular mode.

    I’m on win 7.

  5. Thanks for the report….I haven’t checked on win7 yet, maybe something is amiss there that’s not a problem on OSX. Can you send me your log.txt file from that session so I can see if there’s something in there that gives me a clue?

  6. yes, will do, when i get home from work this afternoon.


  7. here it just crashes Live 9.
    i did exactly what james did. i am also on win 7.

    where can i find the log.txt?


    • Wow OK. That definitely shouldn’t be happen. The there’s a wiki page about the log.txt file here:

      It could be due to the MonoLink stuff in Monomodular. You can disable that by changing the line in MonoLink_Map.py file:


      At what point does it crash? Can you give me a few more details about what’s happening? (often times when Live crashes nothing gets logged to the log.txt anyway, so it becomes useless to me….still, I’d like to see it just in case).

      Anyway, its worth a try….I don’t have a test environment for Windows yet, so it may be several days before I can get to testing this issue. Please let me know what you find out, thanks!

  8. i found the log.text and it looks good, there are some errors related to yourn scripts. I send it to you now.

    it doesnt matter in what order i do it, when i load the secound script (either the launchmod or the monomodular) it chrashes saying “Exception: Fatal Error: GTerminateHandler”

  9. btw, the changing of the line in the monolink_map.py didnt change anything

    • Ok, James sent me his log.txt and I think I figured out the problem. There were some imports in Monomodular.py that were likely causing the crashing, and definitely causing things not to load right. I’ve updated SVN and hopefully this fixes some problems…you might try downloading the most current version on SVN and replacing the files you’ve got.

  10. Unfortunately, I did have all the java classes in the Cycling 74 folder. But still doesn’t work. The other mods do work (including Boiing which has a java class as well). Any suggestions on what it could be?

    If not, no problem, I’ll wait for the complete installer and try it that way 🙂

    Cheers for replying as fast as you did!

    • Sorry, for some reason your comment got sent to spam. I’m going to look into this, I’m not sure what could be going on. Now that I think of it, I haven’t used Plinko in Live9 either….it might be a Max6.1 incongruity of some kind. Thanks for the info, I’ll post about a solution when I find one.


  11. awesome, thanks for any future details, sorry for the lengthy notes/questions

    • No worries, that’s what this is for ;). I’ll post some details tomorrow when I have some time, I’m just finishing up a gig right now and am still mobile.

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