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Old News

The AumPC40 script has been giving me grief for a week now, but I’m happy to report I’ve finally got it licked.  There’s a new script in Monomodular SVN for the APC40….I’ve also updated all of the _Mono_Framework files.   I can’t guarantee that changes to the Framework haven’t broken earlier scripts I’ve ported, so you may want to hold off updating if you already had Monomodular working in Live9 and don’t need the APC40 script.

AumPC20 script will follow shortly….I have to catch up with a few other things first, though.

I’ve already done most of the work for the AumPad script, so it looks like Code is the last thing to update.   Base will get some Monomodular love pretty soon, I think, now that I have a beta version finished for Live9.   Also, it sounds like I should be getting a Push sometime this week, so I can finally get on with tearing that apart and maybe doing some cool things with its codebase (which I’ve largely been unwilling to even look at until I got the hardware in front of me…sorry, but free time is at a deficit these days).

Lemme know what you find….I’m certain there’s still some broken stuff in there.


~ by amounra on April 9, 2013.


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  1. I’ve been trying stuff out since i was able to get the launchmod script, and monomodular script working in live 9, and noticed a couple of things. 1. The frozen modlink mod for b995 was crashing live 9 as soon as i drop it in a track. But i loaded it in live 8, hit the edit button, unfroze it and resaved it, and now it works in live 9. 2. the top row does not work when i try to use the polygome mod, the same is true if i use modlink for the actual polygome app, also the top row does not work for the app mlr 2.8.

    Just throwing that out there let me know if there’s anything i can do to help.


    • Thanks for the info on modlink….I’ll try the same thing and add that to svn.

      RE: Polygome. I noticed the same thing when using Polygome to test the APC40 last night, but thought it was a bug in the AumPC script. Good catch….I’ll figure that out tonight.

      Let me know what else you find…..we’re getting closer with this. Can’t wait until I’m working on new stuff again instead of just fixing the old stuff!

  2. hi
    great work here!
    just for the info i try AumPC40 + clipchopper on L9.0.2 on win7
    everything seems to work … clip position Leds,
    function rows etc…
    but it’s not possible to trig anything from the apc40
    it’s like the apc receive infos but can’t send anything

  3. awesome. any idea when hex might work with whatever grid controller?

  4. Hey there,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m having trouble with win 7, and the Launchmod script. I’m getting lots of jsliveapi errors in the max windows.


    • I also saw this yesterday with LemurPad….it should be harmless but I’ll certainly be fixing them in the near future. Thanks for the report, seeing stuff here helps me keep track of things even if I already know about them!

  5. Another error I’m getting a lot with external apps that won’t work with modlink is

    matrixctrl error -1 loading MatrixDefaultBkgnd.pct

    Sorry I just keep bringing up problems, I have been using b993 for so long now, and literally never had a single problem with any mod or external app of any kind,…ever. It is perfectly flawless on my windows 7 comp, and live 8. I never tried b994, never needed to. Now that I have live 9, it feels incomplete without a functional version of Monomodular. If you need help working out bugs with windows I’d be happy to try stuff out.
    Oh, I forgot, my favorite mod Plinko hasn’t worked in live 9 yet.

    Thanks again for all the time you’ve obviously poured into this masterpiece.


    • Sorry I just keep bringing up problems

      Actually, I really appreciate it. I’m lamenting my lack of time to work on the new stuff and get everything fixed and finished all at once. In any case, it will eventually get back to the point it was in Live8, it will just take a little more time than before….the more stuff I write, the longer it takes to maintain unfortunately.

      I’m going to look into Plinko today….I tested it with the LaunchMod script when I was working on it and didn’t have success…I thought it was a problem with the script. It might be a problem with the class file instead.

      Keep the bugs coming my way…it saves me a lot of time!


    • I’ve got plinko working now….I’ve added it to the SVN repo in b995 patches. I still don’t know what the problem was, but it appears to be working ok now after unfreezing and messing with things a bit.

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