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Monomodular on GitHub

I cloned the SVN repository over to GitHub last night, and will try to keep up with it as soon as I can figure out how Git works.  This should make it a bit easier to access the development build via a web portal, among other things.  I’d stayed on SVN because it was a convenient way to transport things via the Max installer patch I made, but that’s no longer the case since OSX doesn’t include SVN command line tools out of the box (nor did Windows ever have it), and its somewhat of a pain to install them if you’re not a developer.


I’ve made steady progress with Live9 scripts.  There are several fixes for MonOhm included in the most current commits.  Also, I’ve subclassed it for use in LemurPad and BlockMod, so future changes/fixes to the MonOhm script will affect all three scripts.  I’m currently working on CNTRL:R in an attempt to make things more managable.  Reorganization is taking longer than I expected, but its necessary before I can really implement the changes I want to make in b996 (big, exciting changes!).

Also, there is a rudimentary implementation for Push included in the current version.  I’ve been using this a bit, and although not complete, it will give you an idea of how things are likely to work in b996.  I’ll be getting rid of the “mod number” system, it seems, and there will hopefully not be a need to have a “Monomodular” script instantiated.  Things will hopefully be getting a lot more transparent.


~ by amounra on May 4, 2013.


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  1. when i use lemaurpad, it sends a load of nice graphics on initialisation, but it never really clears properly and leaves a load of cack on the lemur screen. is it possible to get rid of that stuff?

    • Hmmm….sounds like OSC is dropping packets. It might help to change the thresh setting on the m4l plugin. YOu can raise it or lower it by pressing the title bar of the m4l plugin. The thresh setting changes the number of events that can be sent per 100ms over OSC from the script to the Lemur.

      Are you using an adhoc connection? That also helps a great deal.

  2. Hello,
    Can you tell me how to configure live’s preferences to use with push ? I tried aumpush as the first control surface and monomodular as the second one but it doesn’t seem to work. I guess to enter monomodular you have to press the user button ?
    Many thanks !

    • It sounds like you have things right. As long as you are using the most current pull from GitHub, you should be up and running. If you have AumPush set as the active script and your Push is working mostly as normal, then its working. (if not send me an email with your log.txt).

      AumPush works differently than previous Monomodular scripts: there is no “modMode”. Instead, make sure that Push is in NoteMode, and select the mod Device in Live. The grid will automatically connect to the mod, shift and select become “shift” and “alt” respectively.

      I’ll be making a post shortly with more information about the new setup, as things are going to change pretty drastically for b996 and the other control surfaces that support Monomodular. It’s good news 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Just want to report a minor issue I noticed with Plinko b995. I’m using a launchpad, and when I hold down a node in any quadrant other than the top left, the scale, note, and probability parameters only show up in the top left quadrant.


  4. Also, is there a way i could make a change to the aumpad b993 or b994 .jzml file for the lemur, to make it work with the Lemurpad b995 script, and aumpad 2 b995 mod.

    • I’m not sure what you’re after here? The aumpad b993 and b994 jzml file hasn’t changed in several versions. It should work without a problem with the current scripts/maxpats. Can you give me more details?

  5. looks like my problem is with the lemurpad b995 script, as i’m not getting the ring around clip slots.

    I’ll email you a log.txt file from my last session.

  6. I didn’t realize I needed the Monohm b995 script in the midi remote scripts folder, even though I’m using an ipad with the aumpad 2 script, thanks for the tip, everything works perfect now.

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