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Back On Track

I’ve gotten back to the Ohm64 over the last couple of days, and the script is very very very nearly finished.  A few finishing touches to be added, and then I can start reworking the control_surface integration with Monomodular. 

I’ve added extra functionality to the linked mixer mode, giving it its own zooming component.  In addtion, I’ve enabled the feature found on the iPad script of linking the volume fader to the first instance of a “Velocity” plugin’s “OutHi” parameter when its available on a MIDI track with no audio output.  I don’t expect anyone to have the slightest idea what I’m talking about, but the good news is that once this is finished I’ll have a chance to do some video showing what this stuff really does.

I’ve added some other goodies that will make you feel like your driving a spaceship or something….you’ll just have to wait and see.  I’m truly hoping to get the Python script out by tomorrow.

~ by amounra on December 29, 2010.


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