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Most important: I’ve made some changes to the modlink patch which should fix some problems with newer applications. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Also, make sure you’ve downloaded the zeroconf compatible serialosc.maxpat file or connections won’t work correctly.

I spent a lot of time working with the Live 9.1 Push scripts over the weekend. It was a selfish pursuit, mostly to integrate some features in AumPush that I want to use. I’ve been toting around an iPad with the Shove template on it, and although I like things I can do with it, I miss all those knobs and faders from my CNTRLR. So I implemented a new layer over the Master fader on the Push, and it does neat things like allow device selection, access to sends and returns, and channel selection. It’s not ready for public consumption yet, but I think its a step in the right direction in several ways (for instance, access to Returns on Push is tedious for me….there’s no quick way to get there!).

The upside to all this: a much better understanding of some of the new elements included with the Live9 _Framework and Push scripts. Its taking me a long time, but I’m finally getting the hang of this stuff. Now to put it to some good use….


~ by amounra on November 19, 2013.


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  1. http://monome.org/community/discussion/15432/new-serialosc.maxpat-no-zeroconf/p1
    what this one? put it in /patches in max folder ya?

    • Not sure….but the current version of serialosc.maxpat doesn’t use zeroconf, that’s not the one you want. You should be using the one on this page that’s labeled “zeroconf for pages users”:


      They changed serialosc again when I wasn’t looking. It use to use zeroconf/bonjour to connect, but now they’re apparently using a predetermined port to get everything talking. That’s awesome, because I hate zeroconfig!…..unless something is blocking that specific port. Which, incidentally, happens when you have serialosc installed and running (which, I think, most people WILL if they’re setting this stuff up for the first time). I just sent Tehn an email to see if theirs a solution that doesn’t involve me doing back-bends….

  2. yeah i think i did something similar anyway last week and got most stuff working, mlrv good all the tehn stuff good, partyvan 0.9 good. still can’t use partyvan 1.0 (with presets) and this new sequencer app started. partyvan 1.0 doesn’t see any grids to connect to. sequencer does, even sends the names to modlink then fails to connect. you know it might be probs with those apps. i’m playing with parc instead and it’s keeping me happy for now.

    • Hmmm. I tested party van .9 last night, I didn’t even see there was a 1.0 download though. I’ll try to find time to test it tonight now that I know it is there. I didn’t know what I was doing with it, but it seemed to work well with the new modLink, zeroconf serialosc.maxpat, and .9.

  3. yeah it works well. watch his walkthru video it’s nuts, wait til he explains what the brains are doing and the two rows he doesn’t mention til the end that have been recording and slicing everything going thru it for the last ten minutes

  4. Hey amounra, I’m having some strange problems and not sure how else to reach you other than here. It’s a relief that you’re still active, in any case!

    I’m using Live 9, max 6 runtime, a launchpad mini and monomodular 995.

    Problem: using modlink b995 013113 frz, most monome applications manage to connect to modlink but are then unresponsive to the launchpad’s button presses. Midi is routed correctly and Live is playing. There are some exceptions to this, such as kolorit which works fine. Anything stretta is a no go, including flin and xor. All these work fine in monomeemu but I prefer monomodular’s general approach.

    Can you think of anything that might be causing this problem? I’d try out 996 but it appears the launchmod script isn’t ready yet. Thanks!

    • No worries, this is a good place to reach me. You can always drop me an email, as well.

      Are you using a current version from github? If so, you probably want to start using the unfrozen versions of files, as those are the ones most frequently updated. You’ll need to put the aumhaa_blocks files your Max searchpath, but modLink is pretty simple and I just updated it last night.

      Yeah, I’ve still got a lot of work to do on b996, those files are there mainly for my own benefit. I’m trying to go through all the b995 files right now to see which ones work the best, but since some of the older b995 files also work on Live8, I’ve tried to leave them alone as much as possible. Anyway, it’s a mess I know.

      One thing I can tell you with confidence: it’s a VERY good idea to update to the most current versions of Max and Live. Live9 has been particularly bad about breaking things. Currently, I’m developing on Live9b126, so I can’t be sure the most recent changes I’ve made are backwards compatible. You might need the current beta (which is public, but you have to register as a beta tester). Also, make sure you have the right serialosc.maxpat file in your Max searchpath (the one that uses zeroconf).

      If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll get some more info from you, I’m sure we can get things working.

  5. Thanks for the quick response, I feel like I’m understanding things better now. I had previously used the windows installer from the wiki page, but have now downloaded the latest version from github and gone through the ‘manual installation’ steps again, replacing the old files. Unfortunately this has killed my ability to get into monomodular mode. It’s as though I were running the stock launchpad script. Here’s a screenshot of my midi/sync settings: http://i.imgur.com/TJ33P1T.jpg

    Definitely got the right serialosc zeroconf file.
    Live 9.06 here and the public beta is closed, unfortunately.

  6. edit: rolled back to the 050313 version of the b995_9 Live 9 python script and it works as normal again, but the stretta suite is still unresponsive, even with the newest version of modlink.
    Do you think this may be caused by my version of L9?
    Thanks for your help!

  7. What state is Live 9 support in? I’ve been using Monomodular with Live 8 but would like to use Live 9 if all the patches now work with a Launchpad.

    • As far as I know, everything works. You’ll probably have to install everything manually though, as I haven’t worked on the installer in a while. I’ve switched to git for repository, you can download a zip of everything from there…however, I recommend installing the github application (or some other) to stay current, I’m still making a lot of changes on an almost daily basis.

      What patches are you using? Some of them (like TR256) haven’t been updated for 9, just because I’ve focussed that effort on finishing hex, and it does everything Polygome, TR256, and Boinngg do in one patch. It’s not really LP compatible since there aren’t any device dials.

      FWIW, I’m currently trying to get everything finalized for a b9959 release (?!), with an installer, so I can move on to finishing b996 (which will change things in a major way). No reason to wait for that, just a warning that things are fairly disorganized at the moment.


  8. i’ve been working with it in live 9 for a while, it’s fine. not upgraded to 9.1 yet. gig next week and i’ve fallen down that rabbit hole before… the github prog is a ballache cos it sees the simplest flippin thing as a ‘commit’ and won’t let you update it until you reupload. i’m convinced even just looking at the folder. it’s easier just dloading the zip.

  9. Thanks for the status update. I mostly use clipchopper, polygome and presscafe, but would like to use other mods too. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  10. I tried b995 (at commit 2067bdb4733418cfad0d11cc2b9b508f0f685015) with the current Live 9.1 Trial and most things worked. I tried Aumboids, Monotes, Polygome and Presscafe without trouble, but Clipchopper seemed broken (it wasn’t showing the grid on the right). Has anyone got that working in Live 9? Is the problem just that I’m running the trial? If so, I’ll upgrade as everything I need is working, if not it would be great to have that fixed. Thanks again for all the good work!

    • Hey Jim,
      Sorry getting back late, I’ve been swamped. I checked out the situation with the clipchopper today, it appears that the original patch is broken by newer versions of Live….even the original doesn’t appear to work (anyway, I’m getting a lot of errors in the Max window). It seems like myr may have stopped working on newer versions of this, sorry….let me know if you find out something different, I’ll see what I can do.

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