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Done, but still not done….

Ohm64 script is done…..I’m writing tutorials and testing it presently.  Out to the tester’s in some random number of hours, and to the public very soon afterwards. Any time now, any time now…..

~ by amounra on January 6, 2011.


2 Responses to “Done, but still not done….”

  1. hi,

    i'm very curious is it downloadable already?

    Thanks, regards,


  2. Drop me an email directly, I'll send you a link to the beta. I haven't had time to finish the new version yet….the current beta is completely functional, your welcome to give it a spin. I'm trying to find the time to finish up the current build, but it will probably be a couple more weeks at the current rate, as I have a bunch of shows coming up.

    Cheers, thanks for the interest šŸ™‚

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