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Not enough of it. I swear….

Making progress…..I’ve gotten MonOhm working more or less, and I’m banging out BlockMod right now. I had to reconfigure some things to accomodate the new methods for setup in the scripts, which means the stuff I finished earlier need to be revisited before release. Life has been getting in the way of coding lately, so things are progressing (as always) slower than I’d like, but its getting there (and you’ll like it!). Expect some finished scripts soon, don’t count me out…..but feel free to bitch and moan in the meantime, I won’t take offense 😉


~ by amounra on May 18, 2014.


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  1. Good to have you back Amounra.

    By the way, how can I use the CNTRL:R with mono modular, is there some manual or instruction guide somewhere so I can use the launchpad and CNTRL:R together with mono modular?

    • Thanks 🙂

      I haven’t made any docs for the CNTRLR yet, but it works the same as the regular CNTRLR script. You can get to modMode by pressing the first encoder button, the second one locks the mod (so it doesn’t navigate to a new one if you select a different device), and the next two encoder buttons currently let you navigate back and forth between available mods (that will probably change though).

      The only mod that currently has translations included for CNTRLR mapping is hex (and perhaps encoders? I can’t remember….). I’ll be adding more daily, I’m actually working on mod translations right now. Keep an eye on github for updates….

  2. Hi, I have a little trouble with your fantastic work. I install the script, m4l device and java. I select the script in ableton (my apc40 show blue light now). But a I don´t enter in the mods with shift+Master. Sorry, but I tray 100 times and I don´t understand how I can enter? Thank you very much. Santiago from Buenos Aires, Argentina (Live 9.1.1 with APC40 – Max 6.1.6)

    • Sorry I missed this post. You’ll need to update Live to version 9.12 before the script will work properly. I’ll double check the script today to make sure no errors have crept in since the last update.

      • Thk for your aswer! I updated my Ableton and the scripts and the the java library, but I don´t enter in the the mods in the APC40! I hope for your help! (I use Windows Vista too)

        • OH, so sorry….I changed some things in the newest script and haven’t gotten around to the documentation yet.

          I changed the key used to enter modMode in the current script, it is now the DeviceViewToggle button. Pressing it will alternate between modMode and Session mode, and holding shift while pressing it with a mod chosen will lock that mod for editing purposes (so that when you change the selected device in Live, the locked mod will continue to remain chosen). I believe everything else should work as described on the documentation, sorry about the trouble. Please let me know if this was the trouble, as I haven’t had much time to test that script yet.

          Most of the current b996 mods are not working with APC yet, I’m still making the finishing touches on the Python scripts and will hopefully get through them all this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Thanks for explaining Amounra,

    I will use the Launchmod for now then, since it has more mods working and I can use hex also without monomodular. Have you got any other stuff going on for the CNTRL:R? I just love that controller.

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