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Yeah, that’s me, believe it or not.

If you’ve been watching the monomodular_git repo, you probably don’t believe that anything is going on over here…..but that’s because I moved everything for b996 over to:


Reason being that the internal structure has changed for the upcoming release and I didn’t want to further fubar any of you that are still using the old stuff from b994/b995.

I was on the last script (Base) two weeks ago, and decided that instead of spending a week trying to figure out what I did in the original and work around its deficiencies, I’d spend a week recoding so that I could subclass its Instrument functionality and include it in the other scripts. ANNNNDDDD, two weeks LATER….its done. Putting the finishing touches on it now.

I need to go back to some of the other scripts and add the new Instrument functionality, and I’m currently working with Darren @ Isotonik and Lee @ sigabort to get some implementation details covered for their support on Livid’s UserModes, but you’ll be seeing a release very soon.

If you have time to do some testing, please let me know….I can use all the help I can get!


~ by amounra on July 29, 2014.


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  1. okee doke

  2. what should actually work fully here?

    • All the scripts should work, a lot of the translations are missing for the patches though. At the moment I’m mostly trying to make sure there are not bugs in the scripts by themselves before I move on to updating all the patches.

      I’ll add a “how to make this stuff work” note in the repository tonight, but for now what you need to know:

      1) It’s a good idea to keep a separate copy of Live for the new scripts just so you don’t mess with your b995 installation. If not, back up your old Monomodular scripts and _Mono_Framework.

      2) Remove old paths from Max>Options>File Preferences for aumhaa_blocks, and make sure there’s not a copy of aumhaa_blocks in Max’s search path. I’m going to rename everything for release, but in the meantime there are duplicates of files used by the newer version that will interfere with things.

      3) Download the repository, preferably with a github client as I’m making frequent changes and it will be easier to update for you if you find bugs that I can quickly fix. Put the “mod” or “mod-master” folder inside Max’s packages folder, either in ~/Documents/Max/packages or /Applications/Max/packages.

      4) Copy all the folders from mod/Python Scripts to Live’s MIDI Remote Scripts folder.

      Are you still using the Lemur stuff? I haven’t had much chance to check it for reliability, but it WAS working the last time I checked….

      Thanks for your help, it is needed. My time is your time since your making yours available, so let me know what you need.


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