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So, I made a bunch of changes last week and broke a bunch of stuff…..I’m working on soooo much stuff all at once, it’s bound to happen every now and then. I’m slowly going through each of the scripts now to reconcile differences with some of the more radical changes I had to make to my _Framework, but it might be a couple of days more before I get it all sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience of anyone that’s trying to get this stuff working.

Base and CNTRLR should be working correctly…..everything else is questionable. I’ll drop a new post when I get everything ship-shape.


~ by amounra on August 12, 2014.


11 Responses to “Broked”

  1. Thanks for all your hard work. These things do happen!

    Just don’t forget about the OHM (rgb). Seems to me like there’s nothing new and exciting EVER for the OHM anymore. It’s sad. Like really sad.

    • Ohm is what’s holding me up on a release, actually…..I’d like to get the new methods in it for Live9, but it requires a complete rewrite, and since it’s the basis for a lot of other scripts (BlockMod, AumPad, MonOhm all use the same base script), I have to be careful with it. It may not make it in until after release, or I may try to cram it next week….depends on how much free time I end up with. In any case, you will be seeing some major changes (read: upgrades, as in native Instrument/Sequencer mode) in my Ohm scripts in the near future, so don’t fret 😉


  2. Will you have time to add the hold down mode selector button and make the whole 8×4 clip launch for the Codec script as mentioned @ Livid forums ?

  3. Great ! Have a nice week (:

  4. Hello one year later!!! i hope u are fine man !!!

    we miss you, ours controllers miss you!!

    one big hug !! ;D

    • Hey man,

      I’m doing well, just too busy for my own good 😉 Things are slowing down and I hope to make some updates here and there soon…trying to find the energy and time for some serious website/wiki renovation, because there’s a ton of work I’ve done that is just sitting around at this point.

      Hugs are good, keep in touch and don’t count me out 🙂


  5. are you still alive?

    • Yup, just short of time and not spending much of what I do have in front of computers lately. Too many projects have me flowing like molasses.

      I spent the weekend trying to review the current m4m7 build, find any problems introduced by 9.5 and get them patched. I didn’t find anything obvious, so it seems like I can get back to work (as soon as Push2 gets here, sometime later this week or early next week).

      Looking forward to coding again….it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to delve into it. Having a new controller to mess with will probably inspire a bit.

      How’s things for you? Seems like you’ve been busy too….


  6. hello how is the modulator now?

    • Everything pretty much works these days, just make sure to use with the most current versions of Live and Max. I’m getting everything ready to hopefully release an installer with upcoming Live 10.


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