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Nitty Gritty

I’ve been plugging along all weekend (pun-intentional), splitting time between fixing the VW (what a mess!  I wish I could script its problems away….) and writing code to integrate the m4l stuff with the new version of the Ohm64 script.  I’ve made good progress.

The final release will probably take a little longer than I originally planned (imagine that? hehe).  I’ve rewritten the entire framework of the m4l stuff based on what I’ve learned from the _Framework scripts in Python.  Its very satisfying to be able to port entire sections of my older scripts in a very quick, easy manner and have things just work.  On the other hand, I’ve been taking my time so that the new javascript framework/objects are as reusable and programmable as possible.  I have it in mind to make some new layouts for the iPad in the future, and I’d also like the framework to be accessible to others that may want to use it.

I haven’t been able to achieve everything I’d hoped with the direct use of the Python scripts and m4l.  I (grudgingly) was forced to create a nameserver in javascript, instead of doing it in Python.  The reasons for this are various, but mainly I do not want to replace framework elements wholesale….if I cannot provide an override for a Class, or come up with a workaround in the main Module, I’ll do it in m4l.  It seems like this is the best option for compatibility.  I will be investigating the Serato scripts to see if I can find better solutions than what I’ve currently worked out.

Finally, I plan on making a few key changes to the Ohm64 base script before release.  It’s come to my attention that grid navigation is less than desirable with the script.  I have to agree, and its been bugging me for a while.  I’m going to add an extra shift mode that utilizes one of the top left keys to make the bottom left buttons become navigation keys WITHOUT zooming the grid out.  This way you will be able to move track/scene at a time while still looking at the grid (Launchpad style) as well as have a visual indication (via button lighting on the bottom) of which directions are available to navigate.  Hopefully this extra mode doesn’t make things too confusing for those of you that might already be a little fuzzy.

The Monomod script is currently working in its new incarnation, but it might be this weekend before I get it into everyone’s hands (or longer, I guess, but I’m being optimistic).  I’ve stopped playing with the Ohm64, and am now working solely on integrating TouchOSC with the Python scripting so that you can either use the iPad as a replacement for the Ohm64, or use it for additional input/controls via the same script (the first release will probably not include many extras, but you will be able to use the 256 Monome multicolor grid at the same time as the Ohm64, and hopefully I’ll have time to port some simple LCD feedback to the same patch so that the iPad displays the same sort of thing that the LCD patch in m4l does).

Just wanted to post a short update, I’ll be in touch.  Cheers.


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