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Just a quick note to mention that I’ve updated the m4m7 repository to work with the most current release of Live 9.7.5.

Oh, and that I’m resurrecting this blog page in preparation for an upcoming release of new material for Mod. As it turns out, I’ve been working quietly this whole time….and I’m getting close to publishing some new work 😉


~ by amounra on October 22, 2017.


14 Responses to “Meep”

  1. good to know that you are still working on it!!

  2. hey thanks for creating these devices. I’m still fairly new to your stuff but I’m excited to see that you are still active. Hope to learn more from these devices. Thank you.

  3. Oh yeah! Launchpad pro support incoming?

  4. same with the monome, right?

  5. i’d love to send you both, but i’m not sure then what i would use! have you deprecated the lemur for good? or could that be fairly easily resurrected?

    • I gave some thought to this, I’d forgotten that the reason I haven’t implemented support for a lot of controllers (Launchpad included) is that ableton uses their old _Framework for these, and they are therefore incompatible with the newer scripts that I’ve written (and Push). I’d suspected they would update the older scripts at some point, but now I’m thinking I was mistaken: they seem to be leaving things alone. I’ll give it some thought to see if there’s a solution, but unfortunately its kind of a deal breaker for the older designs. Since the core components I’ve written require a centralized Python object to distribute everything, it is also a framework object. The two frameworks are incompatible with one another on an atomic level.

      re: Lemur. I do have plans to make (at least) a new Lemur 256 script that doesn’t need m4l to work. Can’t give you an eta for that though, sorry 😉


  6. ok sure. so i bought the ShoveD updated Lemur Push emulator to give that a try because it used to work great with mod, but i’m not getting aumpush showing up, only aumpush2.
    Lemur 256 native would be real cool. really looking to play with boids again – flocking is part of what i’m loooking at in a few departments – unity, max etc. for animation so it’d be great to get it working in sound too.

    • Thanks for the nudge, I’ll have a look at AumPush and try to get an update pushed to GitHub over the next day. I think the problem is something very simple.

      I haven’t given the aumBoids stuff any love in a while, but I’ve been contemplating ways to improve it. I’ve also given some thought to doing something completely different instead, perhaps tying into some other frameworks directly. We’ll see…one step at a time.

      What I HAVE done in the generative department is update Plinko, as well as add support for using its patterns as the basis for input arpeggiation. I’m excited about this, it makes it a much more interactive device. Unfortunately though I’m a bit stuck on the UI at the moment, though.

  7. did usee what these guys did with polygome for the launchpad?

  8. yeah i’m still nuts about polygome! look at the massive monome i built for a school – https://tmblr.co/Z7koZy2SIpsI4

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