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Quick Fix

Since I don’t have a working Ohm, all I could do was trace the obvious problems and fix them.  Here is a link to the MonOhmPad script that should work with Live 8.22.  It will load, but I can’t test it further for a while.  Please provide me with feedback and copies of your log.  Good Luck!


~ by amounra on March 31, 2011.


5 Responses to “Quick Fix”

  1. hey ho, discovered this a little late.
    just updated my ableton to 8.22 (also late, i know) and as you already know, they broke your scripts.

    so i came here to see if you knew about it – of course you did – two months ago – and you already fixed it.
    u hav teh skillz 🙂

    anyway, used your new script this weekend @ an all night gig (ohm64, arkaos, live) no probs at all.
    thanks again and again and once again!

    greetz from over the pond,

  2. dude, you are an absolute king. I must say the documentation for this is pretty slim and i didn't know what was going to happen when I installed this script but my word was I stoked! flashing buttons for playing clip finally!!!! yes. you rule!

  3. just a quick one. The sends on setting 1 on the left mixer don't seem to work as expected. They seem to 'stick' to certain channels rather than changing when you select a different track. Other than that, this is incredible!!!!

  4. To Ken and Sam and (anonymous?):

    Thanks so much! Glad you guys are getting some use out of this.

    There is a new version pending release that adds some features and streamlines some things. I'll release it as soon as possible, so stay in touch.

    Also, thanks for the bug report…I know that issue is fixed in the upcoming version, but keep me informed of others if you find them.

    Cheers 🙂


  5. yeah anonymous was me 🙂

    cool, can't wait to get the upcoming release. This is genuinely incredible. And I don't say that lightly. I actually had my ohm up for sale and because of this script I will keep it. it is pretty much everything I had wanted.

    I'm gonna use this script for a gig on thursday. Is there any chance I could grab the updates script? no worries if not.

    I also noticed that sometimes I'll go to the 4th setup on the right and user map the right knobs, but then if I change the left setup those knobs on the right seem to change? Not sure, it only happened a couple of times…might have just been an anomaly.

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