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User-space during the apocalypse

I made this blog to talk about the work I was doing with MaxMSP, Ableton Live, and music. I’m still doing all of that stuff, but at some point I stopped talking about it. This seems like an ideal time to reinvigorate myself and start publishing some of the work I’ve been busy with over the past several years. Some of my devices have remained unfinished because I lacked the time I needed to hone them for public consumption. Other projects (the larger, more current ones) have remained hidden because I perceived a need to monetize them.

Back when Max 8 was released, I moved most of the original content of Monomodular (a.k.a. Mod) into a private repository so that I could methodically go through all of the individual patches, update each to the newest version of the aumhaa framework, and release them all into m4m8 as public material, a little bit at a time. Some things prevented that reality. This meant that the majority of material that I’ve created over the years isn’t really accessible or supported at the moment. In an interest to remedy, I pushed a working copy of hex back to m4m8 today. As I continue to work on new patches and update the ones that I have future plans for, I’ll attempt to add more of the old ones back into the fold.

In other news, Ableton released a new update to Live 10 last week (10.1.13), and it nearly slipped by me unnoticed. While it offers mostly minor changes, one thing is worth mentioning: the Abe’s have finally added the ability to place custom, non-factory MIDI Remote Scripts in the User Library. In addition, after decompiling the most recent Python script changes, I noticed that the majority of adjustments that they made were to correct misspelled docstrings. Hmm, very interesting. Are we, at long last, about to see them embrace the idea of a public Python API?

I leave you then, for now, to ponder these great mysteries…

~ by amounra on May 13, 2020.


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  1. Happy to hear that you’re working on something.

  2. Hi aumhaa,
    Good to see you Back and still working on your patches. If you need someone with a Launchpad MK2 for Beta Testing: Count me in πŸ˜‰

    • I have a scripts I made several years ago for Launchpad, Launchpad mini, Launchpad 2, and Launchpad Pro….they unfortunately never got tested or published πŸ™ I’ve been meaning to dig them out of storage and dust them off. I’ll put that back at the top of my backlog πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you so much for your continued effort to support this. I modded the DS1 control script to add configuration for pan and send mapping and submitted a PR.

    The prospect of a public Python API is pretty exciting.

    • I saw your pull request for the script mods in github/m4m8, but I haven’t had a chance to reply yet. Horribly busy for days trying to finish up a project that turned into four lol. Will try to make a post about it tomorrow.

      I’m excited people are still using all this Livid stuff πŸ™‚ I’m assuming you’ve checked out the forum here at aumhaa, there are a few people filtering in from the old Livid forum to talk about this stuff.

      I think they may not have a choice, at some point, to make some portion of the Python mechanism in Live publicly documented and supported. But I also realized after I made that last post that the reason for Abes moving the Remote Scripts folder outside of the Live.app probably has more to do with the changes contained with future MacOS releases and the security features they “offer” lol.

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