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New Direction

I spent some time over the last couple of weeks designing an amended version of the APC40 script.  It adds some new functionality and improves on some of the old;  I’m still testing it out as time allows, but you can look for it in the near future. 

I’ve made some decisions about the future direction of my patches, after having made some further (awesome) discoveries about ways I can manipulate the _Framework scripts to my own end.  Bottom line:  in the version 1 release of Monomodular, all the heavy lifting will be done by the Remote Script itself.  There will be no host patches, only client patches.  All you’ll have to do is install the Remote Script for your particular device.   More details as I have time to do some testing (and hopefully this is not a huge waste of time!).

Also in the (hopefully not too distant) future:  support for Livid’s Code.  They were kind enough to send me some hardware to work with, so you can expect a new Script for it, and some Monomod patches as well.  I’ve got several cool ideas about how to incorporate this thing into Monomod.  Of course, you’re at the mercy of my own whims and workflows.  Anybody out there already have one of these things?  I’m curious how people are using them right now….

Of course, this all depends on me getting fired from one of my day jobs (but don’t fret….I’m working on it!).

~ by amounra on April 21, 2011.


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