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A little update….

I’ll probably be taking a bit of a break in coding over the next couple of weeks.   Personal things coming up, and, well,  its Summer, right?  I think the sun is out or something….

I’m going to take a closer look at Polygome and implement some features I’d like to use, as well as make sure that the existing structure of the patch is sound.  I need to get my rig up and running so I can test all this stuff in a performance setting and make sure everything works.

I’m coding a little patch that will map the grid to a MIDI output map.  Basically, I’m just ripping the program window out of Plinko and allowing direct output to either the MIDI output of the plugin, or a Nomeout, so that its output can be sent to different destinations.

Plinko will get a few bug-fixes (things that didn’t translate exactly right when I ported it from the js), a pop-up program window that will explain exactly what is going on in each node when its selected (so that tutorials will hopefully be obsolete: you will be able to tell what is going to happen by just pressing a node), and I better preset clearing and copying.

There will be a another new plugin that allows one to route Monomod directly to either a m4l or standalone monome app by assigning an OSC input/output.  I think I’ll add a section to allow the user to type in custom commands for the built in functions of Monomod (the mode and timing buttons), although I don’t know if this will really be useful.  I’m not using any standalone patches, but I do use Molar sometimes, so I’ll probably test it out with this.  Any suggestions are welcome.

I’m holding off on publishing the abstracts for Monomod implementation only because I want to make sure everything is rock steady and isn’t going to change substantially with future builds.  You can always check them out or rip them from current plugs if you have the desire.  I just haven’t commented what things do, and I know this will be useful.  I’m trying to decide how to implement an autodetection system so that the Monomod host knows what clients are present in a project, and this will drastically change the content of the abstract.  I’m hoping to make setup completely transparent;  just add Monomod, drop in clients, and go.  There will still be the capability of assigning channels manually in each plugin window.

And finally, I’d like to find the time to unify the Monomod plugin itself, so it can run up to 4 different control surfaces at once, and mix/match different types.  That will probably take a while, as I have to clean up a lot of the js scripts I’ve built.  There is a lot of deprecated portions of the framework, and some additions/modifications I want to make to the iPad portion of the script.  Obviously, this would be a lot easier if Rob would update TouchOSC, hence my own procrastination about this bit.

There is a patch I made a long time ago called “Knobs” which some of you may be interested in, I’ll try to get it out in the next couple of days.  I want to make some additions to it so that track volumes and sends can be selected for control, as well as all the device parameters. I’ve found it very useful, and it is somewhat different from the other patches around that do similar things.

I’d love to get some feedback on the updates to TR256.  I’ve used it a bit since the last changes and found the recording functions pretty stable, but I’m wondering if others have had the same experiences.

Things will trickle a little at a time, keep an eye out.

Cheers 🙂

~ by amounra on July 27, 2010.


2 Responses to “A little update….”

  1. that all sounds very promising.

    i'm using some standalone patches and in this moment i have to give up monomod because lp user2 is always used by this emus.

    i'm working to be able to import some for myself.
    almost figured out the monomodes abstract, not clear how the extra buttons are send.

    i have problems with unfreezed monomods clients in preview mode. high latency(maybe my pc) and pad feedback stops. same on your side?

    i'm more interessted in producing then performing. so i mainly look for tools
    which are usable to compose and sequence in this environment.(thats why i'm asking for preset saving and things like that)

    and thats why i use a sequencer patch thats sequencing inside live midi clips. (monomidi)
    so no tr256 feedback from my side 🙂

    your monotes is not exactly what i dreamed of but it's a good starter. maybe i can build something own in the future.

    btw do you already knew this:

    respect for your work.
    hope you are not absent too long. have a nice time. bye

  2. No problem, man. You've been a lot of help…I can put a switch in Monomod LP for the time being so that you can use User1 for Monomod if you want. It shouldn't take too much work, and wouldn't be a bad idea, anyway. Let me know if this would work for you before I spend the time.

    I can probably tell you what you need to know to work out how the Monomodes abstract works at present. I will take a look at the patch and post a new page on this site explaining the basic functionality. If you have any questions about it, comment them so others will have a reference as well.

    Unfortunately, because of how interpatch sending works, unfrozen monomod patches won't work without some pretty heavy modification. That's OK…it would be bad if they did. Also, due to some of the API calls, they get sluggish in edit mode. You can imagine this makes things rather difficult for me when writing and testing. Unfortunately there is only one way around.

    I work in edit mode, but with preview off. When I make changes, I save the patch, and then view the Max window from Live (this way you have two Max windows up, one from Live, and one from Max's edit mode). You just have to use [print] a great deal to debug. This is a pretty good idea, anyway. Actually, now that you mention it, I can think of a way to get around this, and I'll try to find time to build a dummy patch so that this is no longer necessary (it would help me as well).

    Let me know what you are trying to accomplish with monotes. I didn't spend much time on it, and there is plenty of room for improvement with addition of more functionality. I already have some ideas of my own, but I probably won't spend time adding them until I really need them without some prompting.

    Thanks for the link to Muir's stuff, I'm definitely interested and will check this out.

    I'll probably continue working on stuff till next week or so, then I may be out of town for a week or something. Its better for me to work on things when they are still fresh in my mind, so I'm still trying to wrap up details before I take a bit off.

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