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It was a nice idea, but the closure thing didn’t work out after all.   Still, it was good for learning some new things about Python and the Live _Framework, and I’ll be able to use it later for other things.  Instead of the original thought, I wrote some simple overrides and everything works great now.  I’d still really love to figure out how to do this stuff with some closures and staticmethods, but I can’t work out exactly how to do it….

The iPad script is done for the most part.  Its very slow at this point, but that will improve now that the groundwork is in place and I can focus on the details.  I have a huge laundry list of things to get done on all of the current stuff, but everything is functional.

Having wasted two days chasing a white rabbit, I’m going to spend some time tomorrow documenting and making some short videos about what I’ve been working on.  I have a couple of days off of work, so hopefully this is the home stretch in getting something functional out into the wild in a usable, understandable form. 


~ by amounra on July 29, 2011.


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