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One last thing.

The MonOhm script for the Ohm64 is finished.  I worked out the last bug I could find this afternoon. 

The AumPad script for TouchOSC is finished.  I have one more test run to make with it.

I’ve started video tutorials for the MonOhm script.

The new version of Plinko is done.  4x faster, with grid-based preset storage that works.

One last thing to do before release:  Livid just released a new firmware now that the RGB is public, and it should make things a little nicer.  I need to update the firmware on my RGB and make a few code tweaks, and you will all have some new toys to play with 🙂 

If you’re bored in the meantime, check out the new docs page for the MonOhm script.  Its available to the left of this post.


~ by amounra on August 4, 2011.


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  1. Thanks so much for all the hard work (:

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